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The Beige Ones

Emily Oakes

Emily Oakes reminds us that looks can be deceiving in The Beige Ones!  After a botched heist, teenager Milly’s family moves to a small town to lay low for a while.  It’s only too late that they realize the true danger they’ve stepped into.  Oakes does a wonderful job of slowly unveiling the creepy factor of the town, and the dual storylines were interesting!  I love suspense that opens itself gradually like a poisonous flower, and The Beige Ones definitely hit all the right notes!


Out of Time

Bernice Erehart

Bernice Erehart blasts us to the past (sort of) in her exciting time-travelling adventure Out of Time!  In a bid to save humanity from extinction, a healer from the future comes back in time, but he hasn’t come alone, and not everyone that has returned is friendly.  You have to be terribly clever to write a time-travelling piece, and I’d say Erehart is just that!  She has a really fun take on the genre and I genuinely really liked the characters!  If you want something that is kind of like Terminator (which I love) but is a lot more lighthearted, take a trip back in Out of Time!



Velveteen Viper

Velveteen Viper brings us a post-apocalypse we can sink our teeth into with Roamers!  After taking an experimental new medicine, Scarlette’s mother is transformed into a walking deadly corpse.  Scarlette is subsequently sent on the run, forced to cross a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with the deadly deceased and other dangers.  This one is a zombie apocalypse novel through and through, filled with hapless survivors duking it out for safety and everyone’s favorite movie monster, and that’s what I liked about it!  Viper gave me the feel of being in my favorite apocalypse, and I was really concerned for Scarlette’s safety.  If you love zombies, definitely chomp down on this exciting read!


The Invisible Boy

Mary Feliciani

Mary Feliciani tackles a serious issue with an easy-to-read children’s story in The Invisible Boy!  Carlo learns what it’s like to feel invisible at school, something that sounds cool but is far from it.  Feliciani highlights the emotional effects of bullying at a young age in a way that grabs you right by the heart!  This story is a great way to address the issue of bullying, especially with elementary-aged kiddos.  If you have kiddos, or know someone that struggles with this issue, definitely check this one out!


Pandora Reborn

John Coon

John Coon gives us a great tale of terror and suspense in Pandora Reborn!  After moving to the small town of Deer Falls, Ron Olson discovers that evil stalks its streets, an evil that will soon be coming for him if he can’t find a way to stop it.  I really liked Ron and his friends, and especially the way the story reminds me of classics like It!  Coon delivers a slowly building sense of dread that will be right at home in the hearts of any Stephen King fans out there!


Monologues for Kids and Tweens

Mike Kimmel

Mike Kimmel delivers 100 great and diverse acting pieces for youth in Monologues for Kids and Tweens!  Each set is designed as to not require props, and compelling ethical messages are woven into the lines whether it be comedy or drama.  For someone who teaches acting to youth and a former actor myself, I really enjoyed the variety and sophistication Kimmel has worked into this collection!  These monologues are genuinely funny and moving, and I’d highly recommend them for anyone that works with kiddos or in the acting business!

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