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The Escapades of Nae

Melissa Sell

Melissa Sell brings us on an adorable children’s adventure in The Escapades of Nae!  Nae is a pixie who finds herself on a crazy adventure through the human world.  I love Sell’s writing (it’s set up in a fun rhyme scheme) and there’s plenty of joy laced into Nae’s interactions with her human friends!  The Escapades of Nae was simply fun so check it out if you’re looking for a good children’s book or just like fairies!


Leader of Millions: The Revenge of Gandhi’s Follower

B.P. Senapati

B.P. Senapati sets up an interesting revenge story in Leader of Millions: The Revenge of Gandhi’s Follower!  Vijay is a typical member of the middle class, but when his dreams are stinted, he works his way into politics to get revenge, but not in the way you expect.  The way Senapati sets up the story and how different Vijay’s revenge is was very interesting, as was the moral question of can a follower of Gandhi take revenge.  This was an interesting thoughtful novel packed with intrigue, perfect for any fans of House of Cards!



Yael Shahar

Yael Shahar enthralls us in a heartwrenching drama with Returning!  Alex is haunted by his days interred at Auschwitz and the things he had to do to survive there.  Now he seeks forgiveness years later so he can build a new life.  Returning is super emotional and made me cry.  Shahar’s writing is powerful and never shies away from the truth, no matter how brutal it can be!  If you’re looking for a meaningful dive into one of history’s darkest periods, look no further than Returning!



R. Shaw

R. Shaw takes us on a wonderful and emotional thought trip in There!  Evelyn wakes up in a strange and empty space, a very alien dimension.  She quickly comes to the conclusion that she has died.  Shortly after, a being named Adrian comes along to guide her through the emotions and experiences of her life, but even he isn’t what he seems to be.  Shaw hits you right away with a compelling mystery and doesn’t let up all the way through to the surprise ending!  Check out There if you’re looking for a mystery packed with spiritual depth!


Once There Was Fire

Stephen Shender

Stephen Shender brings Hawaiian history to life in Once There Was Fire!  When outsiders come to isolated Hawaii for the first time, it really shakes up the order of things.  Kamehameha keenly seizes the opportunity to end hundreds of years of factional division.  Shender’s writing is cinematic, bringing the Hawaiian people’s struggle to life in a way that captivated me to the very end!  If you love the Hawaiian culture, or just love history, definitely check this one out!


The Grate

D.M. Shiro

D.M. Shiro builds a claustrophobic dystopian tale in The Grate!  Sarah struggles to pick through her broken memory in order to figure out how she ended up in Ward Seven, a memory that could be dangerous to the totalitarian government The Grate.  Shiro’s writing is atmospheric and plunges you mercilessly into the scene (something I enjoyed profusely)!  This novel has a very 1984 meets Divergent vibe, perfect for those of you who love those dark dystopian dives!


At the River’s Edge

D.R. Shoultz

Adventure and mystery are abound in D.R. Shoultz’s At the River’s Edge!  Years after the unsolved murder of Sunset Peak’s mayor, the town is still on edge.  This only gets worse as Emily and James make a discovery that dangerous people would kill to have for themselves.  Shoultz blends the thriller, adventure, and mystery genres together in a marvelous way that allowed At the River’s Edge to keep me on the edge!  This book is exciting, the setting is rich and deep, and the characters are very likeable, making it perfect for any adventure lovers out there!


Bonne Femme

A.R. Simmons

A.R. Simmons lays out a tale of obsession and danger in Bonne Femme!  Richard Carter is trying to return to civilian life after a tour of duty in Somalia when he gets wrapped up in a love triangle with a woman named Jill and his old comrade Mic.  Simmons packs in enough intrigue to satisfy any fan of a psychological thriller and the plot has enough twists to leave you wondering which way is up!  If you like a tense thriller with plenty of drama, check this one out!

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