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Trump on Africa

Johan Junius

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Trump on Africa by Johan Junius is a well crafted and fair analysis of Trump’s policies’ impact on Africa.  Junius writes in a very down to earth style that’s easy to read.  Junius isn’t afraid to express his largely negative opinion of Trump, but unlike the subject of his work, Junius backs his words up with measurable facts.  Junius is also fair, giving credit in the sparse places it’s due, but he’s also honest, a fact I really appreciated.  All around a really interesting read!


The Lake Lights

William Burt

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

What if the Earth wasn’t as old as people think it is?  This is a question William Burt explores in his creature feature The Lake Lights.  Sort of reminding me of the classics like The Legend of Boggy Creek, this book sees a family squaring off against an ancient menace.  It’s actiony, but also spiritual, adding meaning to the intensity.  Great for any monster lovers out there like me.



Ian Miller

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Ian Miller’s Puppeteer starts you right into the action and never lets up.  What starts with a botched raid turns into a far more sinister plot.  Miller provides a believable and likeable cast of characters as he grows the world-spanning plot in a way that pleasantly reminded me of the writings of Tom Clancy.  A must for any espionage fans out there!


Secrets of Nalanda

Mala Mukherjee

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

I really enjoy a fantasy born out of real events so Mala Mukherjee’s Secrets of Nalanda was perfect for me!  Set at the end of the Gupta Dynasty, this story follows a young prince who abdicates the throne to save himself and his people.  Facing a relentless enemy, he must uncover the secrets of magic if victory is going to be possible.  Yet this isn’t just a story about invasions or intrigue.  It is also a tale about unexpected love, something that gives the tale heart and meaning.  All around a well-wrapped piece and I look forward to seeing where Mukherjee takes it next!


Kingdom Come

Justin Coogle

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Demon slaying is a dirty business, one that Justin Coogle captures in all its glory in Kingdom Come.  This actiony and downright awesome novel follows a team of diverse hunters as they battle the demon menace and uncover some secrets along the way.  Filled with great characters and cool scenes, this one’s perfect for any Devil May Cry fans out there!


Solitude’s End

Mike Waller

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Mike Waller’s Solitude’s End was an action-packed experience coupled with some great characters!  On the surface it’s very Star Wars: and empire exerting its might as people band together to defend freedom.  Waller does this aspect very well, but he quickly branches out with his own original concept.  The blend of action and heart made this a wonderful and exciting read (and I can’t wait to see where the series takes us next)!  Great for any Ender’s Game fans out there!


Rota Fortunae

Isu Yin and Fae Yang

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

The world in Rota Fortunae created by Isu Yin and Fae Yang is really cool and imaginative!  Yin and Yang (yes, seriously) have built a cast of fun characters that are confronted with deep challenges, epic battles, and an unspeakable evil that’s trying to destroy an already divided world.  I love the freshness of this novel and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next one!



Morgan Sheppard

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Morgan Sheppard’s Marella was set in a really imaginative world with cool and epic magic battles.  As main character Marella sets off to Charon to take her magic test and figure out which element she will be assigned to, she’s thrust into an adventure of epic fights and self discovery.  This novel pleasantly reminded me of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I look forward to seeing where the story goes from here!


Matt Vol 1

Ahmad Ardalan

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Matt Vol 1 by Ahmad Ardalan is all about character, namely Matt, a sadistic murderer that is really good at what he does.  Matt travels the world, never killing in the same way or same place twice.  It’s an interesting concept right off, but what makes Ardalan’s work so compelling is the backstory that drove Matt to be what he is.  All around a fascinating and tense read great for any Dexter fans out there!


Stone Breed

J.D. Weston

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

J.D. Weston really captures a good action movie in his thriller Stone Breed.  This prequel novella sets up the kick butt story of hitman Harvey Stone.  Stone is a hardcore killer, until one day his family is threatened and he must take on the bloodthirsty gangs of London.  This pulse-pounder pleasantly reminded me of John Wick in a way and I’m excited to see how Stone cracks a few skulls in the next one!


The Great Hearts

David Oliver

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

The Great Hearts by David Oliver tells the incredible tale of Calidan the Imperator.  Calidan had been raised to be a murderer and a monster that slays in the name of the Emperor, but this is really a story about redemption.  Oliver’s characters are great and his writing is engrossing making this a journey that is well worth taking!


Ship Rats

Rhian Waller

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Ship Rats by Rhian Waller was a great tale (or tail?) that was full of adventure.  Sister rats Rip, Preen, and Lu suddenly find themselves on an exciting journey across the ocean fraught with danger and unforgettable characters.  A wonderful read for both animal and ocean lovers alike!  (I suppose land lubbers can get into it too) 🙂


The Tabernacle of Legion

Kevin Schillo

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Like a rocket cruising through cislunar space, Kevin Schillo’s The Tabernacle of Legion is a satisfying slow burn with a wondrous end!  Schillo brings plenty of great scientific background to the story adding to the realism without getting in the way of the pacing.  Populated by a cast of great characters, Tabernacle of Legion takes us on an interesting look of what space exploration and first contact can be like in the near future.  Great for any The Expanse or Contact fans out there!

Of Christmas.jpg

Of Christmas Present

Thomm Quackenbush

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Of Christmas Present by Thomm Quackenbush was a delightful read on more levels than one.  It’s kind of like a twisted version of It’s a Wonderful Life as the dreaded Krampus tries to make our poor main character participate in the values of Christmas.  Quackenbush’s tale is both funny and creepy, and I deeply enjoyed his insights.  All around a fun and interesting tale great for both Halloween and Christmas!


The Split

Hannah Hopkins

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Hannah Hopkins’ The Split was both exciting and heartfelt.  After numerous world wars, gang wars, and a mass disaster left Earth in utter ruins, a young mother fights to get her baby boy aboard the Mayfly, a massive space transport.  But more is going on in The Split than mere survival.  Hopkins’ novel hits you both in the heart and the mind as it takes you on its exciting adventure of discovery and intrigue!



Theresa Jacobs

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Space is filled with wonder, but the reality of travelling it can be arduous and fraught with danger.  Theresa Jacobs’ Kept follows some unfortunate travelers as they find themselves stranded on a mysterious alien world.  This novel is filled with twists as the inhabitants of the Earth ship Gaia discover that not everything about their mundane life is what it appears to be.  A good one for any fans of Interstellar out there!


The Dreaming Demon

Alex Avrio

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

The Dreaming Demon by Alex Avrio was a fascinating spool of stories.  A spread of characters all have something interesting to say about their encounters and connection to some otherworldly beings.  Avrio does a great job of unravelling this tale in an intriguing way that leads to a satisfying end!


Out of this World

Alma Alexander

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Out of this World by Alma Alexander was a wonderful collection of short science fiction stories.  I really enjoyed the originality of Alexander’s stores, but even more I loved the human heart to them.  Alexander does an incredible job of inserting something human and familiar into something as alien as travelling without physical form or living in a society of winged beings.  For any lovers of Star Trek or Doctor Who, this one’s for you!


Bobby and the Monsters

Marie Blair

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Bobby and the Monsters by Marie Blair was a fun and adorable story with cool monsters.  This picture book had great illustrations to go along with the rhyming tale of a mother comforting Bobby’s fear about monsters.  It was like a nicer version of Where the Wild Things Are.  All around a fun read great for anyone with kiddos!


Simon Rising

Brian Howard

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

I love a good superhero origin story.  That’s what Brian Howard delivers with Simon Rising.  After an alien craft crashlands on Earth, a man finds himself with inexplicable powers.  But don’t expect over the top with this one.  Howard’s story is grittier and down to Earth in a way that’ll make Daredevil or Batman Begins fans feel right at home.  Written very cinematically, it was a fast read and I look forward to seeing where the story goes from here!

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