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Dan Barron

Dan Barron delivers a gripping and suspenseful love story with Adelia!  Gripped by guilt from his wife’s suicide, Jack Landen turns to alcohol.  But when a drunken wish sends him back in time five years, Jack jumps at the chance to save Adelia’s life and their marriage.  The time travel aspect was really neat, but I really appreciated the realism Barron put into this one!  Jack and Adelia were both wonderfully deep characters, and seeing them grow through the novel’s trials was extremely satisfying.  If you’re looking for a love story with a lot of depth and even suspense, definitely turn back the clock with Adelia!

The Owners: Alone

Carmen Capuano

Carmen Capuano brings us a different kind of sci fi dystopian adventure with The Owners: Alone!  In an effort to save her young hatchling friend’s freewill, fourteen year old Loni sets out on a dangerous journey.  Little do they know, there is someone across the world that shares their reservations about their society, someone that will change their fate forever.  Capuano’s sci fi dystopian drama instantly felt fresh with its interesting world lore and loveable characters!  I especially connected with Loni and Little’s bond and the overall exploration of the value of humanity.  If you love dystopian fiction with depth and a more upbeat message, definitely come check out The Owners: Alone!

Before the Mic

Glenn Gibson

Glenn Gibson leverages his years of presentation experience and teaches how to make an amazing presentation with Before the Mic!  Gibson’s writing is fun and engaging, making this guide extremely easy to read.  I enjoyed seeing the art of composing a presentation broken down into three easy to understand categories: Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational.  Gibson adds a lot of great tips in each of these sections, and even provides some great templates and examples.  Even if you’re not going to make a formal presentation, I felt that Before the Mic had some great skills for being more successful in a variety of workplaces.  Ultimately, if you’re looking to up your communication game or are looking for a bit of motivation, definitely come composing with Gibson’s fun personality in Before the Mic!

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