Emily Uhlig


Sixteen-year-old Tawny Tamblyn lives in the cyberworld of the future. She attends online school, and goes to parties as a sim character far prettier than herself. One night, her mother announces she is sick. But no one gets sick anymore, not since the Evolutionary Committee began sterilizing those with genetic imperfections- imperfects. When her mother dies, Tawny’s father announces they’re leaving, in the middle of the night. Soon, they are deep in the Lost Woods, where they sleep on the ground and forage for food. After getting separated from her family Tawny is taken in by a group of “wild people.” Micah, a boy Tawny’s age teaches her how to live in the forest. Danger lurks everywhere. City “protectors” are being sent to patrol the area, looking for runaways. When the protectors close in on their group, Tawny learns the horrible truth about why they are there.

Reno Ursal


When Dorothy Dizon meets the mysterious Adrian Rosario and his alluring knowledge of Filipino history, her life takes an unchartered detour. Dorothy’s true calling is connected to the hidden history of the Philippines, but Adrian must keep her in the dark to keep her safe from enemies of his beloved secret society. Adrian doesn’t realize how much Dorothy affects his body and soul. And the more he underestimates her influence, the more vulnerable they become. Together, they experience an emotional journey that tests their beliefs, their choices ultimately affecting the people they love, leading to a new enlightenment for them both. Enlightenment, Book One of The Bathala Series explores the lost history of the Philippines through the first-person perspectives of Filipino characters who teeter dangerously between friendship and love.