The Shrimp Bowl!

Shrimp Bowl 3

Welcome to the November Shrimp Bowl, the ultimate earth shaking competition!  Guilds consisting of Authors and Readers will compete here for the sake of the entire planet (or just to have their books bought and win free books).

How it Works


When you buy or review another author’s book, you and your guild receive a point.  Many of those books are free or are on Kindle Unlimited, so they count as a point when you download them!  At the end of November, I will buy a book from each author in the guild with the most points.  The individual author with the most points is our MVP and I will buy three of their books!  Book buys and reviews are retroactive, so if you’ve done something in the past, let me know so you and your guild can receive points.  Check back daily to see who’s winning!


Simply pick a guild you would like to join and let me know.  When you join a guild, that guild gets a point.  If your guild wins, you will receive a free book!  Check back daily to see who’s winning!

Current Winning Guild: Shrimpires

Current MVP: Erin MacMichael

The Guilds

Bionic Shrimp (4pts)

In the distant future of 2003, the Bionic Shrimp are created.  Working for their evil computer overlord, Skyfishnet, they’re deadly and a true adversary in the arena.  (Fortunately, they’re only two inches tall)

Shrimptacorns (2pts)

Deep in the enchanted kelp forest, there is told legend of the majestic Shrimptacorns.  These fine creatures symbolize honor and generosity (and if you stare at their horn too long it makes you want to eat ice cream)

Octashrimp (14pts)

One day Poseidon was bored.  Boom!  Octashrimp, the most deadly and intelligent creature of the sea, and it has tentacles (look out Cthulu).  They also taste great deep fried.

Shrimprassic Park (7pts)

Sparing no expense, genetic company Shrimpgen spliced shrimp and dinosaur DNA together.  Why?  Because the blockbuster would make millions–er, I mean, life will find a way…or something like that.

Shrimpires (32pts)

Ruling over all the Shrimpdead are the Shrimpires, immortal and evil beings that tend to sparkle when dowsed in sunlight.  They sleep ninety percent of the time, can play the organ, and as an added bonus can turn into shrimp bats.  Their capes are pretty stylish too.

Pirprawnas (8pts)

What do you get when you cross two of the biggest, meanest, deadliest creatures of the sea?  Squid sharks.  What do you get when you cross the 49th deadliest creatures? Corral clams.  Skip a few dozen more levels down and there’s the Pirprawnas somewhere just above sponge manatees.

Overkrill (3pts)

In 1958, the government launched a top secret project aimed at weaponizing krill.  That’s right…krill.  After expending a swimming pool of nuclear waste, they managed to achieve Overkrill, the deadliest microscopic shellfish to ever swim the seas (and they’re totally ripped).

Sandwich (2pts)

You probably thought this was going to be another shrimp pun, like poboy or something.  But no, the Sandwich guild is just a sandwich.  Often vaunted for their ability to bring about tenderness and love, sandwiches are the ultimate invention of humanity (unless they’re made with rye bread).