Urban ninja and New York lover, I blended my top hobbies into Chaos (un)Controlled: reading, writing, and gaming. The novel follows teenage Rixa Storms as she stumbles across a library-in-the-sky-world; a welcome escape from her mother’s religious, controlling nature. But finds a murky truth below the polished surface of what seems like a paradise, and to emerge victorious, she’ll need to overcome her upbringing’s resulting emotional suppression to better control her power, or risk being consumed by her newfound abilities. I consider it a Contemporary Science Fantasy Young Adult novel. It was a bit difficult to categorize, haha. I’m also a graffiti-admirer and a Pokemon GO addict.


Barbara G. Tarn

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I write mostly SFF. And I’m very prolific. Please check my series pages (Silvery Earth or Star Minds) and if you’d like to try one of the books, I’d suggest you pick from the newest releases (they appear on the landing page, but you can scroll down on the “Books” page).

Jocelyn Tollefson



A dark and compelling, fast-paced story about fighting and accepting what destiny has in store. Full of hope and despair as Kyra Parker’s loved ones try to save her from one of the most ancient and powerful demons in existence.