Urban ninja and New York lover, I blended my top hobbies into Chaos (un)Controlled: reading, writing, and gaming. The novel follows teenage Rixa Storms as she stumbles across a library-in-the-sky-world; a welcome escape from her mother’s religious, controlling nature. But finds a murky truth below the polished surface of what seems like a paradise, and to emerge victorious, she’ll need to overcome her upbringing’s resulting emotional suppression to better control her power, or risk being consumed by her newfound abilities. I consider it a Contemporary Science Fantasy Young Adult novel. It was a bit difficult to categorize, haha. I’m also a graffiti-admirer and a Pokemon GO addict.


Barbara G. Tarn

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I write mostly SFF. And I’m very prolific. Please check my series pages (Silvery Earth or Star Minds) and if you’d like to try one of the books, I’d suggest you pick from the newest releases (they appear on the landing page, but you can scroll down on the “Books” page).


Gregory Tasoulas


Elmwean’s Lodge

Professor Incabad Reyl is the greatest scientist of his time. In 104 H.S., 30 years after his groundbreaking discovery on echomagnetic fractions, he sets off on an adventurous search, in order to uncover the laws that govern the dynamics between the twelve electrons of his fractional echomagnetic dynamics theory. With a few white lies about the details of his expedition, he gains funding from the Academy and the blessings of Accadia’s Empyrian Citadel, along with an airship and a companion, the oracle Lieutenant Auburn Thorn. Together, Reyl and Thorn embark on a journey through the Horizon, to the distant trove Tarn, where deep in the unexplored jungle Reyl hopes to uncover the mysteries of Horizon’s past. On the way to find what he calls the Master Equation, Professor Reyl will stumble upon hidden truths that will change the way humanity perceives existence.

Eliza Taye


Eliza Taye has always had an insatiable desire for stories of any kind, whether they be books, audiobooks, video games, films, or plays. If it has a story element to it, she enjoys it. After obtaining a marine science degree, she became inspired to write sci-fi in addition to the fantasy stories she wrote growing up. Currently she writes sci-fi, fantasy, and action adventure novels for young adults.

The year is 2276. The Great Plague of 2083 killed most of the human population. To save humanity, an underwater city was constructed. So, what happens when 14-year-old Allie trespasses on a beach with access to the city? She meets a boy from Oceania, who is convinced that his city holds the last of humanity. Will Allie be discovered on one of their trips to Oceania and be barred from leaving?

Cate Tayler


Contemporary romance writer of love stories starring sassy heroines, sexy heroes, and sultry times.

Cody Taylor

Former Master of The Storyteller’s Guild under the kindness and provision of Prince Rogier, Cody Taylor works at Bed Bath and Beyond and longs for the day when writing pays the bills instead. Striving to always keep things entertaining and never take anything too seriously, he spends his days giving people nicknames at work and his nights listening to whatever his next story has to say for itself. If he’s not writing, you can find Cody at his local church serving alongside his dear friend Joshua Grant. As for hobbies, he doesn’t do much; mostly goes for long drives and smokes cigars. Bears beets Battlestart Galactica!


Stephen Taylor


Stephen Taylor was once a happy and reasonably well-adjusted person; that was until an urge to write invaded his psyche, this need to be a writer, to tell tales; then these thoughts began to coalesce. A Georgian trilogy was conceived; set in London; a decadent time, a decadent place. No Quarter Asked No Quarter Given. A Georgian romp of story. Long-listed for the Brit Writers Award A Canopy of Stars. A Georgian courtroom drama. Ripples and Shadows. Amazing lives uncovered. Winner of the Great Beeston Book Read. See also Gospels – a Georgian adventure story set in Egypt, contemporary novels, and a children’s story.

Born in Yorkshire, brought up in Manchester (still an avid Manchester City fan); he is now retired and lives near Loughborough with his partner, a widower with a daughter just finished University. He has always admired the skill of the storyteller, and his books aspire to that simple tradition.

D. Thrush


I love books and wanted to be a writer ever since I first realized I could make up my own stories. I like to read and write in different genres including Literary, Women’s and Spiritual Fiction. I’ve also written lighter Chick Lit and each of my books explores family and friendship, love and romance, relationships and life. I grew up in Levittown, New York and have also lived in Dallas, the San Diego area, and currently live north of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Happy reading!

Jocelyn Tollefson



A dark and compelling, fast-paced story about fighting and accepting what destiny has in store. Full of hope and despair as Kyra Parker’s loved ones try to save her from one of the most ancient and powerful demons in existence.

Eileen Troemel


Author of Moon Affirmations as well as poetry, novels, and short stories, Eileen enjoys telling a good story or expressing a heartfelt emotion. She’s been published in The American Tarot Association’s Quarterly Journal, What’s Cooking America, Children, Churches and Daddies, and many other publications. In addition to her work, she loves to read, crochet, crafting, research genealogy, and spend time with family. She has three adult daughters and has been married to her husband for 36 years.

Kristen Tsetsi

Kristen Tsetsi is a former journalist, former adjunct English professor, and former cab driver. The Age of the Child is her third novel.