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Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human

Lynn Hallbrooks

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

You ever just walk into your house and think ‘I’m going to clean this!’ and five seconds later just give up?  I’m totally guilty of this!  That’s why Lynn Hallbrooks’ guide Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human is so useful.  It breaks down various cleaning tasks into easily digestible chunks and provides some good tips.  Now I’m done procrastinating and am off to clean…after I do one more review…  🙂


Captive: The Story of Reuben in the Hole

BJ Hyman

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

BJ Hyman’s Captive: The Story of Reuben in the Hole is an offshoot of her main storyline that follows Reuben, a dangerous immortal that has been cast into a deep pit.  It was well written and I enjoyed Hyman’s examination of the contrast between evil and good as various characters interacted with Reuben in his captivity.  A great prequel!  I look forward to seeing where the story goes next!


Still Death

Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

What would you do if you were the only thing standing between a conspiracy and the end of democracy?  Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel examines this question in her short prequel Still Death.  A general is confronted with a choice to join a conspiracy to prop up a dictatorship or fight it, putting his family at great risk.  This short thriller was exciting and well written leaving me excited for the rest of the series!


The Lion and the Tiger

Lyra Shanti

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

I found Lyra Shanti’s short love story The Lion and the Tiger to be a bit strange at first, but it quickly grew on me.  One of the main characters is very forward in his interest of the other, a character quirk that I came to find very endearing and charming.  It’s a fun and quick read!


Camp Arcanum

Josef Matulich

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Josef Matulich’s Camp Arcanum is unique and fun!  When a group of maintenance workers at a camp encounter a neighboring witch’s coven, all heck breaks loose!  Matulich’s writing is fun and witty, and I enjoyed the quirkiness of everything.  Very entertaining for anyone looking for a bit of humor and adventure.


Galactic Startup

Brian Whiting

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

I’m a huge space geek so Brian Whiting’s Galactic Startup tickled the nerd in me!  Four young college guys discover a way to make antigravity propulsion and fly in a cargo container to the International Space Station.  Afterwards, the government begins to hunt them for their device.  This book was light hearted, fun, and adventurous.  In some ways it reminded me of everything I love in films like ET and I can’t wait to see where the story goes!


The Good Demarian

Jesse Booth

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

The Good Demarian by Jesse Booth is a very futuristic telling of a very old story.  After a space deliveryman’s ship is attacked by pirates, he’s left stranded in the vacuum of space.  Booth’s writing is a great blend of survival and parable.  This is a good one for anyone that enjoyed The Martian.


Broken Remnants

Jacob Malick

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Jacob Malick’s mystery/thriller Broken Remnants will have you on the edge of your seat.  Years after the murder of their younger sister, two sisters begin to have dreams about that night.  This isn’t your typical detective novel.  Malick’s edgy writing and interesting twists kept me engrossed until the surprise end.


Kitchenelves Revolution

Katja Vartiainen

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Kitchenelves Revolution by Katja Vartiainen is an odd tale about the struggle for freedom by elves that have been captured and forced to work for a wicked couple.  It’s tongue in cheek the whole way complete with its own unique art style.  I had fun with it and would recommend it to any Monty Python fans out there!


Hullabaloo on Main Street

Lela Markham

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

In today’s crazy world of intense politics, Lela Markham brings a little bit of satirical humor to the table in Hullabaloo on Main Street.  No party is safe from Markham’s humor in this quippy fun novel.  It’s fun to step outside of ourselves and take a laugh at this book’s jabs.  Great for anyone a little weary of today’s dire political tone looking for a bit of humor.



Ray Simmons

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Yeh-Shen by Ray Simmons was an interesting retelling of the classical Chinese Cinderella story.  Simmons’ spin on it was interesting as he first brought you through a photo tour of China and his English translation students who transcribed the story before letting you read it.  All around I found it a fascinating journey into another culture both modern and ancient.


And the Wolf Shall Dwell

Joni Dee

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

I am a huge sucker for spy novels.  That Cold War era thrill of cat and mouse always gets my blood pumping.  Joni Dee’s And the Wolf Shall Dwell was a perfect match for me!  When an ex-operative is contacted by an old informant, he finds himself wrapped up in a conspiracy with worldwide consequences.  Great for any Tom Clancy fans like me!


Child of the Night Guild

Andy Peloquin

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Andy Peloquin’s Child of the Night Guild is like a gritty Robin Hood filled with action and feeling.  A girl is sold into slavery, forced to join the Night Guild and become a master thief, but she is destined to become so much more.  This book was beautifully emotional and didn’t pull any punches.  I can’t wait to see where the series goes next!


One Bad Apple

Devorah Fox

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Devorah Fox’s short thriller One Bad Apple was an interesting mystery.  When an ex-hacker discovers a conspiracy to use his virus for personal revenge, he must act quickly to clear his name.  Though maybe a bit confusing for anyone not versed in computers, One Bad Apple was an interesting and intriguing read with good twists.  //end of line


Don’t Kill the Camel

Jonathan Sturak

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Explosions and witty one liners and…camels?  That’s right, Jonathan Sturak’s Don’t Kill the Camel is a mixed bag, but a fun one.  At some points a pure action movie, at others a comedy, Sturak’s writing is entertaining to the very end!


It is Las Vegas After All

Howard Weiner

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Growing up, I loved spending a day watching a Bond flick.  The action, the suaveness, it was all so much fun.  That’s what Howard Weiner’s It is Las Vegas After All reminds me of.  Right from an intense beginning to a smash bang end, this novel is an intense and thrilling ride!


August to Life

Max E. Stone

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Max Stone’s August to Life was an intense powerful read.  A daring escape from abuse.  An attempt to start a new life.  Stone’s drama was meaningful and packed with emotion.  A powerful read finding beauty in the ordinary.


Skerry Island

Hoot N. Holler

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Hoot N. Holler’s Skerry Island was a great throwback to my childhood classics like Treasure Island and Cutthroat Island.  An adventure on the high seas to its core, Hoot N. Holler’s tale follows a prince as he gets thrown in with some unsightly characters.  Great for both kids and adults, I’d recommend this for any light-hearted adventurers out there!


Missing in Egypt

Rita Lee Chapman

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

When a man goes missing, an adventure is born.  Rita Lee Chapman’s Missing in Egypt is both smart and engrossing.  It’s a classic mystery to its core with an air of Indiana Jones.  Great for any Agatha Christie lovers out there!


The Calm Within the Storm

Sara Beth Parker

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

When lightning strikes, a girl is transported to a mysterious other world.  Sara Beth Parker’s The Calm Within the Storm is a fantastic tale of adventure and self discovery.  It reminded me of a modernized take on classics like The Chronicles of Narnia.  Well written and powerful, a great read for any fans of Lewis’ classic!

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