Thomm Quackenbush


Gideon–a body thief whom Shane thought she had eliminated–escapes from his prison and seeks out the young woman who put him there.

Distressed by his reemergence, Shane, reticent heir to Gideon’s stewardship, seeks to avoid him. Then an angel shows up, asking after the Purging, a plague that eradicated most supernatural beings nearly a century prior. Shortly thereafter, a powerful flu strikes the impervious Shane. Gideon realizes the Purging is back to finish the daemons, taking with it many humans as collateral damage. However, Shane wants nothing to do with him, instead trying to ferret out her own via research, a Heavenly weapon, an alternative rock band, and a trip through Gideon’s heinous past.

Thomas Lloyd Qualls


Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, a condition that is apparently incurable. If you like what you read here, remember that words can open doors, so follow them: www.tlqonline.com/blog-sign-up. Also, you could just invite him out for coffee or beer. He loves a good conversation.

Waking Up at Rembrandt’s

Maggie is a discouraged lawyer, Dillon, a heart-broken vagabond, and Phillip, a frustrated writer. Their stories are told by the mysterious Jillian, part purveyor of spirits and part spiritual guru.

Inside the walls of cafe rembrandt, where whipping fresh cream is an act of poetry and pouring a drink an act of faith, we fall under Jillian’s spell. With a voice that is lyrical and immediate, she artfully trails her Ariadne thread to lead her devotees back into the light.

Waking Up at Rembrandt’s is a fresh take on the tale of awakenings. It celebrates the sensual, as well as the spiritual, effortlessly bridging the two worlds.

Author Thomas Lloyd Qualls combines prose and poetry, fiction and spirituality, and dreams and reality in a manner that is at once unconventional and irresistible. Blending the epicurean delights of Peter Mayle, the travel adventures of Hemingway, the spiritual teachings of Krishnamurti, and the magical realism of Isabel Allende, Waking Up at Rembrandt’s takes literary fiction into new territory.

Jennifer Quintenz


Originally from New Mexico (and still suffering from Hatch green chile withdrawal), Jenn is the author of the award-winning Daughters of Lilith paranormal thriller YA novels. Outside of writing books, Jenn has penned projects for TV (including MTV’s Teen Wolf), graphic novels (The Red Star, The Bond Of Saint Marcel), and film (most recently adapting Erica O’Rourke’s novel Dissonance for the big screen). Jenn currently lives in California with her husband and sons, and is realizing a life-long dream of growing actual real live avocados in her backyard. No guacamole yet–but she lives in hope.

The Daughters of Lilith Paranormal Thrillers
“Thrall” (Daughters of Lilith: Book 1)
“Incubus” (Daughters of Lilith: Book 2)
“Sacrifice” (Daughters of Lilith: Book 3)
“Guardian” (Daughters of Lilith: Book 4)
“Kin” (Daughters of Lilith: Book 5)

D.S. Quinton


Brad and Cora experience a rogue meteor storm which left several people dying with—itchy voices in their heads. Someone becomes infected. General Keller, head of a black-ops company and father of a son who died from the same infection, wants to recover a sample—of debris, or anyone infected—and learn what happened to his son. As Cora’s A.I. creation–Ali–uncovers the significance of the discovery; a theory that rewrites the history of humankind—Brad and Cora fight to survive; Ali works to protect the discovery and the general fights to capture them all! DEVEL DJANGO, a near-future thriller, whispers at the fundamental question of humankind—Where did we come from? —and gropes at the undefined space between science and religion. It is a unique tapestry woven with coarse threads of horror, hybrid metal synapses and detailed with a fine, ancient brush from a long-lost palate of knowledge.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega


The Fall of Lilith is an epic and dark fantasy about angels for an 18+ audience.

“I merely assisted you in doing what you desired all along.”

So says Lilith, the most exquisite of the angels. The two most important pledges an angel makes to God are those of obedience and celibacy, and dire consequences await any who break their oaths.

At first, the angels are happy in their celestial home, learning and exploring together. As they grow older, though, Lilith begins to question these pledges, which now seem arbitrary and stifling. Her challenge of the status quo leads to disagreement, jealousy, and strife among her peers. As the arguing and acrimony grow, lines are drawn and sides are chosen. Is war inevitable?

Filled with robust characters, incredible landscapes, and exciting action, The Fall of Lilith is an epic tale of seduction, betrayal, and revenge.

Free Will involves asking difficult questions and making hard choices, choices that require strength and sacrifice. These decisions can tear apart friendships and cause rifts between allies.

They can even threaten the foundations of Heaven.