Din Ka

Where Tomorrow Waits unfolds over the haunting landscape of Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge war era. Dara, a young girl whom instead of enjoying the carefree life of a teenager, is trapped between the opposing burdens of her mother’s secret affair and her own loyalty to her father. Soon enough, Dara discovers her mother’s selfish secret is just the beginning of her sufferings as it leads her on a path filled with more lies, betrayal, and molestation. As Dara’s father, Muirye, learns about the consequences behind her mother’s actions, he sets forth to make a sacrifice that would ultimately change Dara’s life forever. But before Dara can learn to accept the changes her father has brought forth into her life, she must first survive the Khmer Rouge genocide. Dara is left with a heartbreaking choice— risk her life trying to escape to America, a promised land of opportunity, or stay behind and sacrifice everything to search for her father, who might not even be alive. The choice she makes takes her on a haunting journey that spans three decades of guilt, lies, and what if questions. The deep dark twisting truth Dara accidently uncovers, which her mother had been guarding all her life, is something Dara considers far worse than death. Will Dara ever be able to accept the deep dark twisting truth she has been unknowingly living with all her life, or will death finally grasp her by its fingertips?

J.A. Kalis

Travelling, learning new languages and cultures are my passions. Those passions and my love of adventure are the key elements that inspire me to write my novels which I publish under a pen name J.A. Kalis. The way I write, I want to pull the reader into the story, suck them right into the world I have created, make them experience the adventure, the danger, the action but also the beauty of the unique, often exotic, locations where all the action takes place, and learn something new about the people who live there. So if that’s what you are looking for in a novel, try one of mine.


Hello, I am a shy writer who authored Saga of the Feather-Cutter: Defiance.

A young and hot headed knight seeks to break himself and his people free from the gods’ authoritative rule by the only mean available to him, defiance! However, the path that he sets upon is hindered by overwhelming odds. His only hope in achieving his goal might be a mysterious sword that he receives early in his adventure. Furthermore, his quest is complicated by a band of rebels, will they aid him or do they have their own goals? Deities, magic, monsters, fantasy, legend and myth! The knight’s journey is only beginning and his actions will have untold consequences on his beloved land and the whole world. Will he be able to bear the responsibility for his decisions?

Effie Kammenou


Evanthia’s Gift is a love story spanning fifty years and crossing two continents, chronicling the lives of a mother and daughter whose fate is determined by the men they choose to love. This Greek American family saga follows a multigenerational story of love, loyalty, and culture. An emotional novel about family bonds and the difficult pull between home and heritage. From Greece to New York. From the 1950’s to the 1990’s. Two generations of passionate woman overcome life’s struggles to chase their dreams.

L.J. Kane


Snatch Girl
Girl missing: What if you’re with her all the way to the end…if it ends…? Will Ellie survive? Would you?
Snatched from her sadistic captor’s lair by his own getaway driver, eighteen-year-old student Ellie realises that she’s still kidnapped. As the enigmatic Darren Broderick drives off into the night with the terrified girl beside him, the sadistic Jon Braddon is not far behind.
Thrown together, on opposing sides, Darren and Ellie must stay one step ahead of Braddon’s twisted mind, and Ellie must resist Darren’s Aussie charms to the end. Darren Broderick needs the ransom, Braddon needs a victim. And he will fight to the death to get her back.
The shocking, fast-paced, thriller/horror that will hook you from the very first line.

Logan C. Kane

Based on a true story. Faced with graduating with over 100,000 dollars in student loan debt and utterly ignored by the opposite sex, University of Miami freshman Cameron McKinney is in dire need of cash. His solution? Starting the largest sports betting ring in campus history. Business booms, supplying him with thousands of dollars of tax-free cash per week, which he uses to pay his loans and fund his new South Beach “models and bottles” lifestyle. Cameron raises the stakes, signing up hundreds of customers and taking on a group of jet-setting international bettors. As his operation grows, so does his ego. He starts a steamy, dysfunctional relationship with Grace Cooper, the purity ring-wearing daughter of a prominent Republican Party lobbyist. The relationship takes a toll on the business, and his business partner’s reckless lifestyle threatens to bring him down completely. High Rollers gives a window into lifestyles of the young and rich, exploring the consequences of ambition, wealth and relationships.

JC Kang


JC Kang’s unhealthy obsession with Fantasy and Sci-Fi began at an early age when his brother introduced him to The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, Star Trek and Star Wars. As an adult, he combines his geek roots with his professional experiences as a Chinese Medicine doctor, martial arts instructor and technical writer to pen epic fantasy stories.

Songs of Insurrection https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0192DPDR0/



My name’s Kassandra but I go by Kass. I’m 20 years old and an absolute dog fanatic. I hope the journey that my thriller book can take you on is chilling and fast-paced.

Lori Katherine


Lori Katherine is a New Hampshire state resident originally from Massachusetts. This is a collection of the many poems she’s written over the years. Flow Like Lyrics is her first published poetry book, however, she has been writing poetry ever since she was a young girl. Currently, she is working on her second collection of poetry, Twilight Carnivals to be released in February 2019.

Kelley Kaye


Kelley Kaye is the pen name of Kelley Bowles Gusich. Kelley taught high school English and Drama for twenty years in Colorado and California, but a 1994 MS diagnosis has (circuitously) brought her, finally, to the life of writer and mother, both occupations she adores, and both of which were dreamed of clear back at stories surrounding her Barbie and Ken. Death by Diploma is her debut cozy mystery, first in the Chalkboard Outlines® series.

She has two wonderful and funny sons, and an amazing husband who cooks for her. She lives in Southern California.



Adeleke Kayode

I have been writing since I was in elementary school. Ever since my brother told me I couldn’t write a story. I decided to prove him wrong by taking a notebook out and starting a story. What ended up happening was I started my journey as a writer and discovered my love of writing.


Peter Kazmaier


THE HALCYON DISLOCATION is a Science Fiction colonization epic about an island university that is dislocated to a new world through a force field experiment that goes awry (or was it an accident?). We follow the students and staff as they try to live in this new world, as they discover its secrets, and as they work to get home. Here is what some readers and reviewers have said:
“If you enjoy Tolkien, Lewis and other good fantasy, this is a book you ought to check out.”
“It’s an adventure; one that progresses on the weighty consequences of moral choices made without regard to morality.”
“The plot continues to develop an interesting intermix of science and fantasy.”
I’d be delighted if:
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Chris Keaton

Twin girls discover a mystical world contained within a crumbling mosaic, and they must restore it before an evil witch seizes its power, even if doing so could tear their family apart. Secrets. It all started while looking for secret passages. Chloe Tozier’s impulsive twin, Zoe, insisted that all old mansions had them. Grandma denied the existence of any here. Except for the boarded-up service elevator that she conveniently forgot to mention before the girls discovered it, the elevator that didn’t seem to go anywhere. They had been living in this private museum with their grandparents since the death of their parents during an archaeology trip to Egypt. Mysteries. Why have a museum in a tiny town in the middle of Kansas when what’s on display is nothing unusual? Sometimes packages arrived wrapped in plain brown paper that the girls never saw again. Grandpa disappeared overnight and they haven’t heard from him since. And before going to Egypt their parents had mentioned something about a mysterious mosaic. Maybe Zoe was right about family secrets. Maybe it was time to dig further.

Kate Kelley


Burning Violet is the first in a captivating UF series by Kate Kelley. An impressive entry into the genre, Kelley weaves adept writing with sexy storytelling to create an electrifying tale that leaves you eager for the next installment. Rai Peterson is hanging on by a thread. Having fled her abusive father and equally abusive fiance, she finds herself in rural Indiana working the front desk of an antiquated inn. After a bizarre hallucinatory seizure forces her on unpaid medical leave, Rai struggles to make ends meet. She has no one to turn to but herself. That’s when the fires start. Along with the flames, comes a dangerous stranger that begins to permeate every aspect of Rai’s life, kidnapping her and forcing her on a journey of self-discovery. Rai can feel her power vibrating within her, but will she be able to harness it before time runs out?

Jason Kent


3,2,1, lift-off! It’s the stuff superheroes are made of; rocket scientist by day, author by night. What do you do when massive government bureaucracy stifles your imagination? Write science fiction! Jason Kent is an Air Force veteran, Amazon Best Selling author, and military space expert with years of experience designing and launching billion-dollar space systems. Jason is the author of the New Sky sci-fi series which includes New Sky: Eyes of the Watcher, New Season: Sparrow’s Quest, and soon-to-be-released New Horizon: Dagger’s Tale. Jason’s other books include Far Space, a military sci-fi novel, Rifter: Traitors at Teteris, an action adventure novel, and Colony Zero: Quarantine Protocol, a YA action adventure story. Do you have what it takes to survive?



Faiz Kermani


I like to write funny children’s books – yes totally silly books. I don’t think anything I do will be compared to ‘War and Peace’ in the future, but I do enjoy making people laugh. I love working with schools on educational and literacy projects so if you’re interested in collaborating with an author on something fun and positive let me know.

Sterling Keyes


I am a new author who is writing a romance series of short reads (10,000-15,000 words) Each story is connected and based in Shimmer Pointe Beach. Book 1, “The Beach House” details the story of Charlotte Winters and Theo Glenn.

After leaving her cheating husband, Charlotte comes back home and must decide to either sell her family beach house or keep it. She never thought she’d find a best friend in Eve Quinn or a hot romance with the sweet and sexy, Theo Glenn. But, when her husband comes looking for her wanting a second chance, will she forgive him and return to Seattle? Or, will she decide to start her life over in the beach house and take a chance at love with Theo?

Sevda Khatamian


Sevda Khatamian, nineteen eighty-nine, her family was already living in Tehran when she was born in the month of July. Although her parents were in touch with friends and other members of the family, it was mostly the four of them hanging out together. Her father used to run his own business and her mother worked in a hospital. Later she became a lawyer. Soheil, her older brother, moved abroad right after he graduated from high school. Sevda took the same path and moved out of the country by the time she was eighteen. After six years of living in Ankara, studying, working, and eventually living an unemployed life concentrated on personal creative projects, she decided to move to Istanbul, and discover life on another level, and back up new experiences for the future. She now travels as an artist in residence, and lives in different countries for short periods of time. She believes creativity dawns as she moves along with the road.

Morning People is a memoir, selective series of moments of an everyday life in an endless city, with friends living along the same path, and unexpected incidents along the way.

Samuel Kigelman


I’m a Magna Cum Laude Walden college graduate, a Russian immigrant to the US in ’94, and a fiction writer. My book is about a high school teacher who is haunted by confusing, and at times frightening visions after moving with husband and teenage son to Boston, as result of winning a lottery. A surprise meeting with a strange man at a coffee shop raises questions in her head, which a boy in her English class seems to have answers for. As they get to know each other, can the boy have the answers for the woman, and vice versa?

Dominik Marcel Kirtaime


Kirtaime grew up in the country outskirts of Bristol. After his military career he settled with his family in Germany. Wanting to write fantasy-fiction books was a childhood dream which he only decided to make come true in 2013 with his first book ‘The Perennial Migration’ – A mixture of adventure, conspiracy, legend, space travel all in one pot being stirred by hungry reptilians and cooled by heroes.

Mark Kloss


WITHIN THE DARK DYSTOPIA THE SAVAGE GAME BEGINS Amid continuing betrayal and easy death in the dystopia that is now the City of London, the live TV show called Game Hunter pits human against zombie. Tremayne and Red are half-turned teenage zombies. He has the unwanted ability to drain and feed life, she has the careless bravery of the condemned. Together they are forced into the impossible task of saving their zombie cousins. Under the eyes of millions, they prepare to play the first of three shows against Game Hunter’s toughest killers until the siren sounds victory or death. The end result will determine much more than anyone can possibly know. This breathless trilogy truly turns zombie stories on their heads.



K.M. Daughters is the penname for team writers and sisters, Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare. The penname is dedicated to the memory of their parents, “K”ay and “M”ickey Lynch. K.M. Daughters is the author of 13 award winning romance genre and women’s fiction novels. The “Daughters” are wives, mothers and grandmothers residing in the Chicago suburbs and on the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

We are currently promoting three books: two published by The Wild Rose Press and one self-published religious mystery novel.

Fiction with strong romantic elements: Fill The Stadium https://www.amazon.com/Fill-Stadium-K-M-Daughters-ebook/dp/B019G0SQIC/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

Contemporary Romance: Reunion For The First Time https://www.amazon.com/Reunion-First-Time-K-Daughters-ebook/dp/B01G4J2G8E/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1489759657&sr=1-1&keywords=Reunion+For+The+First+Time

Religious Mystery (self-published) The Snows https://www.amazon.com/Snows-K-M-Daughters-ebook/dp/B00MUCVNWK/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1489759745&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Snows+by+K.M.+Daughters


Chris J Knoblaugh

Tribute – When twelve-year-old Miguel’s gang member Papa makes promises to Santa Muerte, someone in Miguel’s family loses a soul. The last time, it was Miguel’s gentle aunt. This time, the target is Miguel’s brother, Juan. The trouble is Miguel won’t let Juan’s spirit go. The resulting paranormal possession attracts demons, doppelgangers, and an ancient soul slayer from the depths of Hell — all of whom must be vanquished if Miguel is to live.

Chris Knoblaugh has a B.A.in English Literature with High College Honors, a B.S. in Biology, and an M.A. in Teaching with Reading Specialization. Her novels and stories incorporate myths, cryptids, regional traditions, and historical settings. She teaches middle school language arts in San Jose, California. She enjoys writing for her students and for her tutoring business.

Chris’ stories and books appeal to tweens and adults who enjoy historical settings and regional cryptid tales.


Shaun Kolich

My name is Shaun Kolich and my book Perfectly Imperfect is about a Hit man named Nataly. He has a change of heart that escalates many lives to a downward spiral of chaos.

Brandon Koss

In a small Wisconsin town filled with professional wrestlers, toilet-scrubbing doctors and convenience store owners named Big Poppa, Steve tries to warn his wisecracking friends about the impending robot apocalypse before it’s too late.


Jill Kramer



Malkeeya is a sociopathic biracial beauty who believes it’s her mission in life to end ethnic division and bring enlightenment to the western world through her cult, COSMIC LOVE. If she lines her pockets along the way, well, she never took a vow of poverty, did she? And if outsiders mistake her sacred ceremonial rites for sexual exploitation, says Malkeeya, that’s just the projection of their own dirty little minds.  Malkeeya’s inner circle of followers live communally in “clusters,” tithing everything they own, handing over their children to her teachings and ceding control over their own lives in the belief that they’ll find love and serenity. Although her right-hand man, Paul, initially rebels when he witnesses the psychic unraveling of her first victim, he dismisses his doubts as he, too, continues to be mesmerized by the fascinating Malkeeya. Hang on as COSMIC LOVE hurtles toward a shocking climax!

Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf


Priceless Penny chronicles one dog’s amazing journey from lonely stray to pampered pooch. Penny was abandoned by her previous owners and left to roam the streets of California alone. Soon, she was taken to a local high kill shelter. Penny’s life was in great danger as her unique looks made her undesirable in the eyes of would-be adopters. Will Penny find someone who loves her just the way that she is?

Kayla Krantz


Proud author responsible for Dead by Morning and The Council, fascinated by the dark and macabre. Stephen King is her all time inspiration mixed in with a little bit of Eminem and some faint remnants of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. When she began writing, she started in horror but it somehow drifted into thriller. She loves the 1988 movie Heathers. She was born and raised in Michigan but traveled across the country to where she currently resides in Texas.

She has ideas for books in many genres that she hopes to write and publish in the future.

Book Summary/Link:


The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabited—and split apart—by witches with varying powers. Lilith Lace, a witch thought to be born powerless, happily resides in Ignis, the Coven of Fire, until she suddenly develops telekinesis, an ability only seen in some witches born in Mentis, the Coven of the Mind. When The Council finds out about her odd development, she’s taken under their wing and is finally told the truth—everything she’s learned about the Land of Five, herself included, have been nothing but lies.


Rita Kruger


This is the story of Doris Ellison, who had a difficult childhood. She is moving to Thompsonville in order to find a forever home. Thompsonville has a history as tainted as her own, and soon Doris’ idyllic restful dream is burst by Troy de Winter, and FBI agent; her horrible boss, Principal Patricia Silverstone; Denis Nelson, who wants ancient books; and Emily, a local witch. Doris has to face issues of good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate, and the conflict between her past events, current reality and future dreams in order to survive.

I am a forty-seven year old wife, and mother from South Africa. Since childhood, I have been a reader of horrors, fantasy, thrillers and gothics, and this is the genre of my work. I am currently working on a pre-apocalyptic fantasy series.

David Kummer

For Horror and Fantasy readers!

My name is David Kummer, and I live in Madison, Indiana, which is a small town on the Ohio River. There’s lots of history and creepy places, which have influenced my writings. In my book SHE, most of the places and buildings are based off similar settings here in my home town, although I’ve changed them so you wouldn’t know really if I didn’t tell you.

I would love to get to know you better, so email me at davidkummer7@gmail.com or check out my blog at davidkummer.com. I’m always glad to give out review copies (always most of the time), but love it even more if you pick up a copy to buy. They’re all cheap. Reviews are super appreciated.

For real, message me either on there or here. I love getting to know people and talking books, sports, favorite foods (mmmm) or whatever your area of interest is.

Kayla Kurin


Work anywhere, travel forever: tales of a digital nomad

Alice Kyeter


Fifteen-year-old Morgan is nothing more than an empty shell. She is surrounded by uncaring psychiatrists who’d rather be anywhere else but with her, and is bullied at school because of her wealth and status. She remains isolated from it all, never once giving a thought to friendship, or even love. This all changes when she meets a strange boy named Lucas. From his fickle, humorless jokes, to his cocky grin, to his pure, untainted eyes, Morgan can’t help but wonder if he’s just as unstable as she is, if not more. Over time, the two grow closer and eventually, they fall in love. But memories have a funny way of dragging you below the thin line of insanity. And in the end, they serve as a sentence Morgan could neither hide nor run from.

Alice Kyeter is an indie author who enjoys reading, writing, and weaving. When she isn’t studying for exams, she enjoys just sitting down and watching anime. Her blog, dedicated to medical students and writers alike, can be found here: https://alicekyeter.wordpress.com.