Nancy Fairbrother


Hi Shrimpers, I’m the author of a self-help e-book called “Who Are You? What Are You Doing Here? Where Are You Going? Discover Your Life Purpose, Fuel Your Inner Fire, and Light Up Your Life.” A really long title offering an unconventional way to discover your life purpose in 1-2 hours using Chaldean numerology (easy to learn) and offering a little-known process that wipes away emotional issues instantly. I am a retired psychotherapist and used these processes in my practice with quicker and more effective results than any others I am aware of, and that’s saying a lot.

Part of my purpose as a writer is to de-mystify ancient occult knowledge. My book goes into that in some detail, showing how science and spirit are emerging as two sides of the same coin; same information, different languages. We are missing out on a huge repository of practical knowledge that is needed in these changing times, simply because it looks scary. I hope to allay the fears associated with this goldmine of information.

Anna Faversham


One Dark Night by Anna Faversham

It is 1821 and smuggling is rife on the English coast. Lucy Yorton, dragged away from her privileged early life, finds it impossible to know who to trust, while those around her suspect she is a spy and treat her accordingly. Her problems increase when two men enter her life.

Lieutenant Karl Thorsen, sworn to avenge the death of his father, is a King’s man. He is determined to stop the violent smugglers, hang them, and hang and gibbet one in particular.

Daniel Tynton has smuggling in his blood. Undaunted by Thorsen’s threats, he is respected and feared. When he witnesses a murder, he makes a bold decision, and many lives will never be the same.

Phill Featherstone


Kerryl Shaw lives with her family on a hilltop farmstead, Paradise Farm. Her life is idyllic until a deadly virus spreads across the country and wipes out her family and community. Left on her own, she thinks it’s only a matter of time before she, too, succumbs to the plague and she decides to document her final days on earth in a diary. She knows no-one is left to read it so she imagines a reader and calls him Adam. As the empty days go by she becomes convinced that Adam is real. She starts to lose her grip on reality and the truth becomes blurred. Kerryl has survived a lethal disease; Paradise Girl tells of her struggle to survive the loneliness that follows.

Paradise Girl has just received a Chill With a Book Readers’ Award – http://www.chillwithabook.com/2018/02/paradise-girl-by-phill-featherstone.html

Debralynn Fein


Aaron and Me, Works In Progress

“He’s so normal. How can anything be wrong?” KIM SEGAL, the main character in Aaron and Me, is faced with one of the most horrendous experiences a parent can endure during a baby wellness checkup. A clinical observation shows a couple of innocent café au lait birthmarks which could indicate a possible diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis for her 18-month old son, AARON. Kim feels ill equipped to cope with the indefinite nature of the diagnosis, and begins to spiral out of control.

Debralynn Fein has been writing professionally since 2002. Aside from When Butterflies Soar, her current novel, her articles and stories have appeared in Wee One’s Magazine, and Hackwriters.Com, run from Falmouth College of Arts. She also published a short story in the Greenwich Village Literary Review, entitled Family Pictures and articles in Early Childhood Examiner. She attended Stony Brook University in 1978 and 1979 with a major in English Literature, and, also earned a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Queens College, City University of New York, in 1987. The sense of place she writes about are from the New York metropolitan area, since it is where she is most familiar. She’s e read her work before audiences at the New York Public Library and Montclair Library. All stories have been well received.


Mary Feliciani

MF Publishing

Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You

This book is a collection of seven inspiring mini-biographies. The author uses the voices of Mattie Stepanek, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Terry Fox, Craig Kielburger, and her own reflections to encourage the reader to join a growing movement towards social responsibility and global citizenship. Appropriate for Grades 5 and up (reading age 10-12+)

Printed book available on Amazon.ca and m.f.publishing.com

Follow me on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14210392.Mary_Feliciani

Errol Fern


Hi friends, I am Errol Fern. I am a new writer and I am so excited to let you know that I released my first book. I am writing to inspire people of the next generation. I would like to ask if you are interested to review my book? My book is entitled “The Caterpillar”. I dedicate this story to all kids. I wrote it with a piece of my soul. For more information, please see this link for the Amazon content: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J1XZ9FX Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

E.C. Fisher


E.C. Fisher is an emerging author who was born in Vandenberg, AFB, California. Currently, he happily writes and resides in Florida. From 2007 to 2011, he proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. Three years ago, he was introduced to the writing world after a bout of inspiration drove him to write his very first story. After sharing his work with several people and receiving favorable feedback, he decided to continue treading on the creative path of storytelling. When he doesn’t have a pen in hand, you can find him at the bowling alley getting strikes or at home reading fantastical books.

What if the Bible was a con devised by none other than Lucifer himself? What if The Rapture came, and it was a trick? In E.C. Fisher’s biblical thriller The Deceived, it is the devil who is behind religion, and everyone from Adam and Eve on up are in the thrall of his lies. But as the End of Days play out of Earth—a ploy designed by Lucifer to give the world to his followers—archangel Michael is sent down to earth from heaven, where he must battle the devil in order to save God’s children—not to mention the planet itself.
As God lays dying in heaven, and Lucifer kidnaps Michael’s soulmate, Ari-el—Michael must face not only the potential of demons overtaking earth, but the loss of both his father and one true love. Armed with the Sword of the Spirit, which was forged from God’s own powerful wings, Michael sets to destroy the Antichrist, and thereby bring an end to the deadly masquerade that is Lucifer’s religion.
Written with the verve of a contemporary adventure fantasy and the deep, complex knowledge and understanding of a religious thriller, The Deceived is a harrowing tale that reflects the rifts and tensions of our modern political moment. This is the story of Revelations that you do not know, but that you will not be able to put down.

Nicole Fitton


Nicole Fitton is a freelance writer who has lived in such glamorous locations as London, New York and Croydon! She currently lives in Devon with her family. Her debut novel – All Tomorrow’s Parties was released in July 2015. A contemporary romance set in the heady world of the 1980’s music industry, All Tomorrow’s Parties has received many a rave review and been described as Chicklit with a twist. Her second novel Forbidden Colours – A romantic medical thriller, is an all together darker tale. Forbidden Colours is a novel which grips you with love then throws elements of suspense, psychological drama and adrenaline fueled twists and turns at you from every direction!
Her short story ‘Soaring’ was short listed by The Black Pear Press and features in their 2016 anthology. Her love of the short story form continues in 2017, when she will release her own short story collection.
Nicole’s career has spanned 3 decades working in PR and marketing within Europe and the USA. She currently works within healthcare management in the UK. When not ‘doing the day job’ and apart from writing she enjoys field trialing her spaniel (who is very trialing!), playing golf (badly) and drinking copious amounts of coffee. She admits she gets bored easily and can always be found enjoying new adventures.

About my books:
All Tomorrow’s Parties by Nicole Fitton. Genre: Chicklit
Laine Marshall isn’t a product of the 1980’s she is the epitome of it. 18 years of age and working for one of the hippest music labels around – Vestal records. She takes the day to day hedonism in her stride and experiences every emotion under the sun except the one she craves the most – love.
That is until a chance encounter in Italy sets her pulse racing and her heart in pieces. With her life turned upside down she tries to navigate towards love with tragic consequences. Someone is trying to derail her happiness but who and why? Can her heart be broken and rebuilt?
Set against a backdrop of pop culture All Tomorrow’s Parties is described as ‘chicklit with a twist’. If you like suspense with your romance then this is the book for you!
Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/All-Tomorrows-Parties-Nicole-Fitton/dp/149488755X/

Forbidden Colours by Nicole Fitton. Genre: Thriller

What if your memories were not your memories? What if the drug hailed as a cure became a curse and ultimately your destruction?

Midori Yates works for pharmaceutical giant KLD. The launch of new drug Centoria has revolutionised the treatment of amnesia, with outstanding results. Trials exploring its use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s are on the horizon. But is it really as good as the data suggests?
Neurologist Dr. Nick Campbell has seen amazing results with his patients and is ready to believe in Centoria’s transformational abilities…that is until his patients start displaying strange and worrying symptoms with drastic results. Determined to uncover the truth, Midori and Nick find a conspiracy that is to have devastating consequences for both of them. A dark world threatens to engulf them. Can they survive?
Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Forbidden-Colours-Nicole-Fitton-ebook/dp/B01N0BXSYV/

Vicki Fitzgerald

Briguella – After seven women fall victim to a serial killer, journalist Kate Rivendale becomes embroiled in the manhunt. The authorities have no suspect, only one forensic link dating way back to the 1930s. Detective Chief Inspector William Beckley needs to salvage his career; he has too many deaths on his conscience. Beckley entices Kate to go undercover, a decision which backfires with devastating consequences. While DCI Beckley reaches a horrifying conclusion about the murderer Kate enters a desperate fight for her life… while battling to keep her own secrets buried.


Tim Fleming

JFK and the End of America is the culmination of my 50 years of research into the Kennedy assassination. The book makes the case that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the president. Rather, an elaborate plot, concocted and executed by a sinister, covert cabal, took Kennedy’s life. The plotters who stood to gain the most from JFK’s death—Lyndon Johnson and Allen Dulles—were abetted by powerful interests in government, business, and the military. Kennedy was moving America toward a permanent peace state, threatening the national security/military establishment whose existence is dependent on a permanent war state. Since 1963, we have been at war or under a threat of war, spending nearly six of every ten tax dollars on defense. The book draws a straight line from Dallas to the political and cultural divide which afflicts us today. JFK and the End of America is my first work of non-fiction.


Lawrence Fong

Does your daddy work too much? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell him to take a rest or to spend some quality time with you! Get daddy to read this illustrated book with you and tell him how much he means to you! Produced by Lawrence Fong, this short illustrated book seeks to connect to children whose fathers are constantly busy and preoccupied with work and the day to day hassles of life.

Devorah Fox


“What if?” Those two words all too easily send Devorah Fox spinning into flights of fancy. Best-selling author of award-winning books including The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam literary historical fantasy series and several thrillers, she also penned Fantasy/Science Fiction and Mystery Mini Short Reads and contributed short stories to popular fantasy anthologies. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she now lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with rescued tabby cats … and a dragon named Inky. Visit the “Dee-Scoveries” blog at http://devorahfox.com.


Harry James Fox


Harry James Fox was born in the mountains of western Colorado, an area featured in his novels. He has worked as a cowboy, an intelligence officer with the US Army, and had a career in natural resource management with the Bureau of Land Management, US Department of the Interior. He served a wartime tour of duty in Vietnam, working closely with Australian forces there. His training in the biology of natural wild-lands is reflected in the imagery of his writings. In fact, the landscape of his books have been likened to a major character in its own right.

He enjoys horses, the outdoors, elk hunting, long walks in the desert, and story-telling. He loves the local cuisine, particularly green chiles. He likes a cup of hot tea with friends. patriotic parades and bluegrass music. He dislikes chocolate, long speeches, and the need to wear reading glasses.



Lydia Francis

Hi, I’m Lydia! After 15 years of struggling with depression and anxiety, I decided to write a book so I could help others who might be going through the same thing. This book is meant to help its reader become more mindful of their negative thoughts , feelings and how they react to stressful situations. It highlights ways in which they can practice self-love, self-care, self-compassion and take back control of their minds so they can start to live happier lives while overcoming their anxiety and depression symptoms.

Roger David Francis

Author Roger David Francis from North Wales had always been fascinated by the supernatural. Whilst researching his great love the infamous Loch Ness monster, Roger discovered Teggie another sea creature, and thus the story begins. Having grown up in the Midlands, Roger’s childhood was dominated by Sci fi and Fantasy. Stories of haunted houses and mystical monsters inspired Roger to write about the Beast of Lake Bala. He supports several local animal charities and regularly sends donations to help with the upkeep of abandoned donkeys and horses. Over the years, Roger has worked as a radio presenter and even done some live theatre. Roger current interests include working with Independent Local Film makers to make fun, exciting and entertaining films.


Are people with Rhesus blood descended from aliens? Many scientific studies suggest this could be true. It is rumoured Governments secretly monitor those with a certain blood group. The question is: WHY? Mankind harboured a deadly secret. Scientists had suspected certain blood types must be of alien origin. And they were right! Richie was looking forward to a weekend away in a country cottage. He had received a blood transfusion whilst recovering from a motorbike accident and needed to recover. This was going to be the start of a terrifying journey into the unknown, threatening the very essence of his life. The aliens had a plan using virtual reality headsets to draw their victims into another world. Their cave held a deadly secret. Anyone carrying the Rhesus X gene was in danger. Why was the Rhesus X gene so important and could Richie escape from the aliens and save his family?

Jordan Frost


I am a freelance writer who lives in Grand Haven, Michigan with my family. I’m an avid roleplayer and gamer whose background includes several transformative novels. My current trilogy and planned future series were born from characters and worlds created during a two-year long interactive story that started as a tabletop RPG. My current novel, WHISPERS IN THE DARK, is the first one in a trilogy. It features adventure, compelling characters and magic all told through multiple POVs.

MD Fryson


Hello I have 1 published book, one due for publishing this month and one I am nearly finished. The books are all apart of a series: Meridian Chronicles Series “Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies” “Black Widow Curse & The Coven”

Phill Full


My motto is “Live full happy and healthy life! It is possible!”. This is possible because there is everything you need. And it is really possible, even for the most fallen and most deeply unhappy people. Over the past 15 years, this shows my life and professional experience. Being a successful student at a prestigious chemical university, I fell into alcoholism and drug addiction. Having lost everything – the university, my beloved girl, my health, I was left alone. I stayed One on one with emptiness and disappointment, tuberculosis and hepatitis C. In 2002, I found a way out. The way out of the unhappy life and emptiness. This exit was given to me by Jesus Christ. Since that time, I have devoted myself to live full of happiness and healthy life. It’s possible!

Kobina Amissah-Fynn


I am from Ghana, but live in Indonesia with my family. I write contemporary religious fiction for readers of all religious persuasion, dealing with the current state of world affairs and their true significance.