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Grace Anthony


I am a homeschooled independent author in high school who writes under the penname Grace Anthony. I live in rural Illinois and am a passionate reader, writer, and cat lover. I am often found writing on a blue laptop affectionately dubbed Saphira. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic, introvert, and am addicted to coffee. I plan on writing many more books in the future.

Lana Campbell

Forever and a Night

Nathan Davenport is being stalked by Isabella Ravini, the feral vampire who stole his
human life over a hundred and sixty years ago. She made him her fledging, a slave for
her dark, evil purposes—hunting humans. After a few years she released him, and
Nathan reluctantly learned to accept the cursed life she’d foisted upon him.
Over time he amassed a great fortune, which today has made him famous
worldwide. Isabella decides she wants to be a part of this world of fame and fortune
Nathan created for himself. She’s determined to marry him, and love has nothing to do
with it. His money is her primary target, and the fame and prestige attached to being
the wife of one of the richest men in the world wouldn’t be so bad either.
In an effort to evade her until he can figure out how to stop her, he hides at a safe
house he owns in New Orleans. One Saturday evening in NOLA, he decides to have
dinner in the city. He chooses a quiet little Italian bistro, never imagining this night
will change his life forever. The human woman who delivers his order isn’t a server,
but the restaurant’s sous chef, a beautiful ethnic woman possessing the most delicious
blood scent he’s ever encountered.
The moment Mia Peebles arrives at his table with his plate, tasting her becomes
an obsession. Mia wants nothing to do with him because of Nathan’s reputation as a
playboy. So Nathan enchants her, feeds from her, but his lusts for her blood and body
play havoc with his thinking.
Nathan finds a way to bring her into his life as his personal chef and quickly falls
in love with her. The trouble is Mia has no idea he’s a vampire because during the
enchanting episodes, Nathan blocked her memories of those sensual encounters.
How will Nathan tell her the truth without losing her and keep Isabella from
finding him? Or worst yet, will Isabella discover how much Mia has come to mean
to him?

Megan Cashman


The Dark Proposal

Claire McCormick has graduated from college and is eager for her childhood dreams to come true. She thought it would happen when she began dating Daniel Bertrand, who was everything she wanted in a boyfriend. But just as her dreams are about to happen, Claire’s life is turned upside down when Daniel reveals to be a bloodthirsty vampire, with the intent on making her his eternal companion. Frightened, Claire desperately tries to rid herself of him, but Daniel is too evil to defeat. She has to come to terms with reality, as she faces a vampire world fighting to survive in modern times, with many of them unaware of how devious Daniel can be.

The Dark Proposal is the first book in a trilogy that follows what becomes of Claire and the vampires.

Lincoln Cole


I am a science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror author who likes to write action packed stories. My favorite authors are Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, and Isaac Asimov. My two primary horror series are: World of Shadows and World on Fire. The World on Fire series is out and available now, and the World of Shadows series comes out starting October 24th, 2017 through early 2018.

Justin Coogle


Justin Coogle is a medical student by day but author by night. Saving lives and curing boredom were two callings he could never ignore. A dedicated Christian and passionate storyteller, he hopes to instill wonder and excitement in all his readers by wringing out the deep love of stories everyone has deep inside them.

My novel, Kingdom Come, also has a complementary short story collection available for free on my website if you type in your email. The story is complete without them, but they add some extra spice if you find the world engaging.

Rae Else


Rae Else is an Urban Fantasy author, most at home in the spaces between reality and the imaginary. When in the real world, she resides in London. Her Young Adult, Urban Fantasy book, Descendants is the first in The Arete Series and was published in April 2017.

Rae has previously published fiction with Fictuary magazine. She studied Classics at university and a lot of her stories draw on mythology and ancient worlds. In her twenties, Rae worked as a primary school teacher and now runs a dog walking business alongside her writing. She can usually be found sniffing out plots and characters with her trusty hounds! When not reading or writing, Rae also loves to scuba dive. She finds the big blue to be like a good book – a portal to a different world.

Katie Epstein

Death Be Blue

My name is Katie Epstein, and I’m an author of urban fantasy, fantasy and paranormal romance novels, waiting for the day that the mythical becomes real once more! Death Be Blue is the first book in the Terra Vane series that follows the story of Enforcer Field Agent, Terra Vane, who is a psychic and the only human on a force full of shifters. Determined to be seen as their equal, Terra throws herself into each case that crosses her path alongside her wolf-shifter partner, Kaleb Cipher. In Death Be Blue, they follow the case of a serial killer that opens a whole can of worms leading to corruption and a blue pill that has hit the streets again. Hopefully, between Terra’s psychic visions and Kaleb’s street smarts, they can find out who is behind all of this before it’s too late.

Death Be Charmed, book two in the series, is out now. It continues on from book one but where Terra has to go undercover in Darkwood where the vampires live.

Melissa A. Graham


Deny the Moon: A Wolfblooded Series novel

Harley Rayne, an extraordinarily ordinary and forgotten young woman, wants two simple things: For her family to acknowledge her existence, and to be important to someone.


When Frank Essex—a wild, sexy, and often volatile flavor of trouble—happens to come into her life and be everything she thinks she needs, Harley finally feels like more than a piece of furniture. Frank not only sees her, he needs her. No one has ever needed her before.

But Frank has a secret; the same secret her family has protected her entire life.

That secret comes out when he sheds his sheep’s clothing to reveal the wolf within. The man she loves is a violent, sadistic monster, and he doesn’t take rejection easily. This time, Harley discovers running away won’t be as easy as it was before. Especially when Frank isn’t the only one hunting her down.

Chris Hepler

Civil Blood

I’m a game writer who has contributed to the worlds of Mass Effect, Shadowrun, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I live in fear of the day when actual space marines, troll mercenaries, pirates and Jedi show up on my doorstep to tell me I got it wrong. I’m here to tell you about “Civil Blood: The Vampire Rights Case that Changed a Nation.” (The long subtitle helps searches.) “Civil Blood” is a hybrid urban fantasy/legal thriller set in that most vampiric of towns, Washington, D.C.. It tells the story of two deniable assassins in love, the soulless biomedical corporation that employs them, and the class-action vampire rights trial that brings them together and tears them apart. Take the “Law & Order” universe, put it in a blender with “V-Wars” and “Shadowrun” and set it to “frappe.” The full pitch and sample chapters are on the website.

Baileigh Higgins


South African writer and coffee addict, Baileigh Higgins, lives in the Free State with hubby and best friend Brendan and loves nothing more than lazing on the couch with pizza and a bad horror movie.
Her unhealthy obsession with the end of the world has led to numerous books on the subject and a secret bunker only she knows the location of.  Check out her website at baileighhiggins07.wixsite.com/mybooks.

Kate Kelley


Burning Violet is the first in a captivating UF series by Kate Kelley. An impressive entry into the genre, Kelley weaves adept writing with sexy storytelling to create an electrifying tale that leaves you eager for the next installment. Rai Peterson is hanging on by a thread. Having fled her abusive father and equally abusive fiance, she finds herself in rural Indiana working the front desk of an antiquated inn. After a bizarre hallucinatory seizure forces her on unpaid medical leave, Rai struggles to make ends meet. She has no one to turn to but herself. That’s when the fires start. Along with the flames, comes a dangerous stranger that begins to permeate every aspect of Rai’s life, kidnapping her and forcing her on a journey of self-discovery. Rai can feel her power vibrating within her, but will she be able to harness it before time runs out?

Mark Kloss


WITHIN THE DARK DYSTOPIA THE SAVAGE GAME BEGINS Amid continuing betrayal and easy death in the dystopia that is now the City of London, the live TV show called Game Hunter pits human against zombie. Tremayne and Red are half-turned teenage zombies. He has the unwanted ability to drain and feed life, she has the careless bravery of the condemned. Together they are forced into the impossible task of saving their zombie cousins. Under the eyes of millions, they prepare to play the first of three shows against Game Hunter’s toughest killers until the siren sounds victory or death. The end result will determine much more than anyone can possibly know. This breathless trilogy truly turns zombie stories on their heads.

Aurora Mandeville

To Explain (Or Not To Explain >.>)

Currently living in colorful Colorado, Aurora is working hard at getting all of her ideas out to the public. With the aid of music, reading, some art, and friends, she’s going to get this done. Yes, there are many genres she plans to be under, but that’s because those stories are still in the writing process, along with every other story that needs work. Happy reading!!

Sherif Mekdam


The Trinity’s Dream
The dreamer stirs awake, and if he wakes he dies, and his death would bring forth the end of the world.
Scientists and analysts from all over the world report that all life on earth would parish in six months.
International efforts to save a portion of humanity are going on slowly.
John a Catholic priest with a faith crisis, Adam an Atheist with a secret guilt that is consuming him and Ramy an online Jihadi with a death wish are on a forced path towards the dreamer.
A secret order have the only knowledge of the event, they dealt with it in the past.
Every one has his personal nightmare and his own dreams, but only the Dreamer keeps the nightmares at bay.

It is also available on Kindle Unlimited

Dexter Morgenstern


I’m an author of five independent novels and working on numbers six and seven. My most recently published book this year is the start to a new series I’m writing called The Pious Insurrection. Book one, The Reaping, explores several protagonists of different religions, with each religion bestowing different magical properties but enforcing different laws. These laws often cause each faction to clash, either among themselves or each other. This book particularly explores two young neophytes as they are forced to conduct a violent mission called The Reaping, but in doing so, question their own morals in the process. There’s magic, monsters, politics, and lots of action. While it’s a huge subject, The Reaping has been kept small enough to acquaint readers with the world and understand the main characters, without committing to a huge epic right off the bat.

J.L. O’Rourke


J. L. O’Rourke is the pen-name of Jenner Lichtwark. Jenner writes contemporary murder mysteries, urban fantasy, stories for children and rambling freeform poems. After the Christchurch earthquakes she quit her regular job to establish Millwheel Press Ltd, publishing her own works and offering editing advice and assistance to other writers. When not writing, Jenner enjoys being in a theatre, either onstage as a singer or backstage where she has been everything from floor crew to stage-manager. She lives on a peaceful olive grove in North Canterbury.

D J Reid


Shadowfest is a dark epic fantasy thriller set in an imagined ancient Celtic world. It’s suitable for adults both young and old. It’s Summer’s End in the Holy City, where nobody and nothing are quite what they seem. The border with the Otherworld is razor thin. Brona the Apothecary and Aurelian the Investigator set out to hunt down a malevolent spirit. But darker forces are plotting to seize power. Morven the Mage’s quest for revenge nine years earlier will come back to haunt everyone. And Death may be the least of their worries … Brona the Apothecary is a suspect. Someone has murdered a Temple Guard in the Holy City. Someone who looks like her. She sets out to hunt down the culprit. It’s nine days till Shadowfest – the Night of the Spirits. Not the best time to be tracking a malevolent ghost. But who can match her secret powers in a City where Mages are banned? She’s about to find out.

A. Rose


In Sophie’s world, those born with one power are superior, those born with none are inferior, and she is the one destined to save them all. Sophie’s ability to have multiple powers makes her an anomaly, at the age of 23 she has six powers and has yet to master each one. At the order of her father, the Governor, those powers are kept secret in order to protect her from those who may want to exploit them. So when she meets Oliver, the Imitatore who possesses the gift of using her powers, her once peaceful world is shattered. Suddenly, Sophie is forced to face who she is, who she is destined to be, and learn who she is no longer able to trust. Oliver and Sophie are targets for The Society, a group of supernatural beings bent on destroying her world by eradicating humans and crowning a new queen. She must stop the evil group before they kill the Imitatore and force her to be the Queen of their new world.

Bobbi Schemerhorn


I started writing full time in 2012 after years of denying my desire to be creative. I’m a military wife so it’s always a question of what city will I move to next? To keep active I participate in 5km races and hope to graduate to marathons and possibly Spartans one day. I adore immortals, magic, and dragons, I enjoy TV entirely to much, and video games just the right amount. My adoration for magic and dragons can be seen clearly in my Mechanical Dragons series and my love for immortals in my Guardians books.

Scott Spotson

Canadian author who loves to write stories about speculative fiction and magic.

Andy Zach


Zombie Turkeys: Ordinary e-reporter Sam Melvin meets turkeys that won’t die. And they like eating people.
My Undead Mother-in-law: My mother-in-law’s a zombie. And she has anger-management issues.
My mother-in-law, Diane Newby, zombified by accident. She still volunteers at her church bake sales and cooks pot roast for her daughter and son-in-law, Ron Yardley. What ticks her off is when people don’t treat her like a normal human being—with glowing red eyes and super strength and speed. And if she doesn’t get her own way, look out. She explodes and leaves broken plaster and body parts in her wake. Nothing stops her: not brick walls, the federal government, or middle-aged spread.