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Rachael Arsenault


Rachael Arsenault was born and raised on teeny tiny Prince Edward Island in Canada. She graduated from St. Thomas University in 2015, where she studied Sociology and Native Studies. In the 2011 Island Literary Awards, Rachael won first place for poetry and third place for short story, and in 2017 she won first place in the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick’s Fog Lit Books for Young People Prize. She is a hippie at heart, an amateur photographer, and a pun master (much to the dismay of her friends).

Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

Kapil takes you on his unforgettable true journey of the supernatural world of mystics and higher beings, unbelievable miracles and the parallel world of darkness and light, in his spiritual pursuit of seeking the ONE – who would show him the Ultimate Divine. A series of events catapults Kapil into the fascinating world of Dark Arts and suck him into the quagmire of drama, suspense, greed and betrayal. And just when the trials and tribulations seem to engulf Kapil completely, there emerged from the deepest darkness, a Brilliant Light of his True Master. The existence of the paranormal world is as much real and any ordinary person can get caught in that world unless one is careful. We belong to such a period of time wherein innocent seekers are lured into the trap of so-called “Masters” who fool them easily by playing onto their deepest fears and weakness. The book hopes to save people from making that false step and even if one does commit that mistake, the book offers hope that it is not the end of the world;one can always get to the Light, A thrilling true account of an ordinary man plunged into extraordinary circumstances of the Dark World

TL Clark


Love Bites

Shakira had never felt at home growing up in Surrey, but as soon as she entered the quaint Welsh village she knew she belonged. Maybe it was because of the welcoming villagers. Or perhaps it was the presence of the others whom she sensed nearby; the ones she saw in her dreams, with their strange glowing eyes.

Fate is not always kind. It gives with one hand and takes with the other. There is a reason she didn’t grow up with her own kind.

A rich tale of witchcraft, fae, sorcery, elinefae and dragons; this is a story for all who dare to believe.

YouTube of me reading a bit from this book (marvel at my native British accent!?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHZmwg7pgUc

Christopher K. Coleman

Elvis Encounters: The Nashville Connection

Author of six books; some deal with true accounts of the Paranormal, some with the Civil War and some about both. My latest, Ambrose Bierce and the Period of Honorable Strife, chronicles the pivotal period of one of America’s greatest satirists and short story writers. I have eclectic tastes in fiction and non-fiction ranging from History & Folklore to Fantasy, Sci-Fi.

Justin Coogle


Justin Coogle is a medical student by day but author by night. Saving lives and curing boredom were two callings he could never ignore. A dedicated Christian and passionate storyteller, he hopes to instill wonder and excitement in all his readers by wringing out the deep love of stories everyone has deep inside them.

My novel, Kingdom Come, also has a complementary short story collection available for free on my website if you type in your email. The story is complete without them, but they add some extra spice if you find the world engaging.

Joseph Daniels


Boundless in Torment

When Detective Inspector Terri Marston takes on the case to prove the innocence of suspected murderer, Leonard Fallon, a number of strange events begin to occur during the investigation. At first she believes them to be purely circumstantial, until she witnesses a man being thrown from a roof by an unexplainable invisible force. It is after this that Terri comes to discover that an incorporeal being may be aiding her in her investigation; for what reason she does not know, but she suspects that someone close to her may have the answer.

Katherine Dell


Katherine Dell is a young adult fiction author fascinated by the supernatural and the stories that surround them. When she’s not writing, she can be found in cold hockey arenas sipping coffee, working on her tan at little league games, or trying to keep her dog out of her many gardens. She lives with her husband, two boys, and fur babies, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Genre: Harmless is a YA, Paranormal, Thriller (Suggested for 14+)

Book Synopsis: In isolated Hazelton, BC, high school senior Rachel Barnes hopes she’ll finally find closure after tragedy has torn her family apart. And an old spirit box offers her and her friends a chance to make their wishes come true. Rachel might be able to move on from the past—if she can learn to control the malevolent spirit who’s taken up residence in the enigmatic Mason Allen. But what began as a harmless game might be impossible to win.

Book 1 of the Harmless series.

Jes Drew


I am a self-published author of nine books and counting. There’s my YA superhero trilogy: The Time I Saved the Day, The Time I Saved a Damsel in Distress, and The Time I Saved the World. Then there’s my YA paranormal trilogy: Wolf Claw, Wolf Curse, and Wolf Cure. I also have an NA spy duology: The Bachelor Missions and In the Rogue. Finally, I have a new YA adventure series beginning with Castaways. I am a homeschool graduate and Captain America (Steve Rogers) is my muse. That is all.

DL Dugger


Abby, Toby, and Billy are ordinary detectives with extraordinary clients: G-G-Ghosts! It’s just another summer day of hunting frogs for twelve-year-old Billy, Abby, and Toby, when they stumble upon a deserted lake cabin and meet Mary, a real live ghost, searching for her lost locket. The trio offer to help her find it and the Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency is launched. But when the youthful sleuths enlist the help of the grumpy medium, Mr. Monsento, to help them with their second case, locating a ghost’s missing ghost brother, a mysterious visitor from the UnderWorld appears…

Mikayla Elliot


Mikayla Elliot is an avid reader and writer of fantasy novels. She is a single parent to two beautiful children and their rambunctious corgi, Sheila, living in Atascocita, Texas. When Mikayla isn’t creating new worlds and adventures she spends her time working as a Planner in the energy industry, which has unveiled various landscapes in multiple states for site visits. Mikayla holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, and feels the debt deep in her soul and pockets.


Taken from all she has ever known and loved, Neva finds herself swept into a world of vampires where she learns she will determine their future. Yet she quickly discovers she is the target of a vampire, Zachariah, seeking to stop her from altering the vampire lineage. She must decide which path she will take while trying to protect the family she left behind, and discovering a past she cannot escape.

Zelly Jordan


I am many things. A man. A soldier. Trained to kill. Born to hunt. Focused and lethal, nothing gets through the stoic control that hides my inner animal. An animal that simmers with rage and power. And that power makes me the perfect assassin. Then….. SHE invades my world. Charlotte – petite, beautiful and sexy as hell. A cop who claims a past with me that I don’t remember. At all. A dangerous distraction. My beast is captivated but suspicious, torn between wanting to sink teeth into her and…….wanting to sink teeth into her. My body craves her. But….. I don’t remember her. I don’t trust her. And I don’t trust myself around her. Who is she? Is she lying? And do I have enough control to not be blinded by her? To protect my secrets and uncover hers? And who pays the price?

The love of a good story is the reason Zelly Jordan says she had her nose in a book most of the time growing up. Escaping into a world of great love, great adventures and sexy-smexy fun times with drool-worthy heroes and feisty strong women was the highlight of every day. A lover of good coffee, cats and a good chat, with the occasional glass of wine, she lives in the most livable city in the world, Melbourne Australia with her almost grown son. Divorced and happily single, Zelly realised the danger she was facing in becoming the crazy cat lady and it was this fear, together with her love of a particular television show that lead her to give writing “a go”. She let the world in on her attempts as she went along and put it out there on the www for the world to see, if they chose. Surprisingly, they did and this is the result – her debut novel. A perfect example of what can happen if you just try. When she’s not writing or researching, she likes to spend time having a laugh with friends, watching good movies or shows and delving into the lovely world of Angels, crystals and healing. All with the added magic of music and a good espresso.

Rita Kruger


This is the story of Doris Ellison, who had a difficult childhood. She is moving to Thompsonville in order to find a forever home. Thompsonville has a history as tainted as her own, and soon Doris’ idyllic restful dream is burst by Troy de Winter, and FBI agent; her horrible boss, Principal Patricia Silverstone; Denis Nelson, who wants ancient books; and Emily, a local witch. Doris has to face issues of good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate, and the conflict between her past events, current reality and future dreams in order to survive.

I am a forty-seven year old wife, and mother from South Africa. Since childhood, I have been a reader of horrors, fantasy, thrillers and gothics, and this is the genre of my work. I am currently working on a pre-apocalyptic fantasy series.

Tia Lee


This is author Tia Lee. I am a self-published author and live in one of the most humid places in the USA: Houston, TX, but I love it here (sans the humidity of course.). My debut novel is Vermilion Tears. It is a Victorian gothic paranormal, that starts with a normal girl, until vampires, werewolves, and witches show up. I absolutely loved writing this book and it will always be my book baby. I am currently writing a novel about a self-absorbed mob wife, who has aspirations of being at the top herself. Not sure when it will be out yet.

Amanda Mackey


Australian Author. I’ve written 13 books, majority of which are published on Amazon. I typically write contemporary romance, although my books do include some suspense, drama and angst. I write what is in my head and don’t cater to any genre in particular.

Angie Martin

Angie is an award-winning, bestselling author who firmly believes that words flow through her veins. She lives in Calimesa, California with her husband, two cats, and beloved dog. She also has two sons paving their own way in the world. She grew up in Wichita, Kansas and has lived all over the United States. Her work reflects her background in criminal justice and her love of Midwest life. She has released several novels in the suspense/thriller, paranormal/supernatural thriller, and horror genres. She also has a poetry/short story collection, a horror short story collection, and has contributed short stories to multiple anthologies.

Rebecca McNutt


My books fall mostly under the supernatural genre, most recently my novella “Bittersweet Symphony”, about the employees of an advertising agency being haunted by odd occurrences in an ultramodern office building.

Andrew Montlack


Drip: A Gothic Bromance

“A hand wearing a fancy watch parted the office blinds, and J.D. felt nauseous with despair: suddenly he knew—even though he could not explain how—that all of his mojo had been permanently taken away.”

J.D. and George: thick as thieves since the fourth grade. J.D., the troublemaker, the stud: the alpha. George, the sidekick, the misfit: the loser. Upon graduating college, J.D. has convinced the only job creator in rusty Middlestop to hire them. BrewCorp, the hot new coffee and retail chain, is offering a vice presidency to the employee with the boldest plan for growth, and J.D. is determined to be the guy. When not sleeping with co-workers, he hatches his pitch for a one-of-a kind data pipeline. He is unbeatable–until George grabs the promotion. Now J.D. wants answers. His quest to find them—and to deal with the monstrous truth—is the subject of indie filmmaker Andrew Montlack’s wry debut novel, which features the same biting satire that made his mockumentary, The Devil’s Filmmaker, a cult classic.

Dexter Morgenstern


I’m an author of five independent novels and working on numbers six and seven. My most recently published book this year is the start to a new series I’m writing called The Pious Insurrection. Book one, The Reaping, explores several protagonists of different religions, with each religion bestowing different magical properties but enforcing different laws. These laws often cause each faction to clash, either among themselves or each other. This book particularly explores two young neophytes as they are forced to conduct a violent mission called The Reaping, but in doing so, question their own morals in the process. There’s magic, monsters, politics, and lots of action. While it’s a huge subject, The Reaping has been kept small enough to acquaint readers with the world and understand the main characters, without committing to a huge epic right off the bat.

Maverick Moses

Karma’s Children

Maverick Moses has been writing stories as far back as he can remember and specializes in young adult supernatural thrillers because of his own love of darkness and the creatures of the night. He is a believer in ghosts and spirits thanks to his own experiences with mysterious and otherworldly beings. Taking inspirations from both his own life and the lives of those around him, Maverick strives to create thrilling worlds and suspenseful stories that will pull your shivering body in and keep you guessing about what will happen next. From Maverick Moses, comes a suspenseful series, Karma’s Children, that will not only make your hair stand on end but keep you shaking for more. Feel like you’re living in the pages of this fourteen episode series, and follow along as you join three siblings on their thrilling journey to discover who and what they really are.

Karma’s Children is an episodic series where each episode is of chapter length and cover one big plot line. Each episode ends in an enticing cliffhanger and will lead into the next episode.

L. D. Nash

L. D. Nash was born early one stormy November morning. A warrior at heart, she’s only killed people on paper and dreams of becoming a ninja; an idea her husband will tell you is impossible considering her severe clumsiness. She began her writing career at the age of 14 and hasn’t stopped since. Never tell her that she can’t do something, because she will do it twice and take pictures. She lives in the piney woods of Northern Louisiana with her goegeous husband, two rowdy grandsons and entirely too many dogs. Once a month she turns furry and chases her tail, but otherwise, she can be found firmly rooted on her sofa, watching Supernatural, drinking Cherry Dr. Pepper, and living vicariously through her many female heroines. She’s also sort of obsessed with all things supernatural/paranormal, western, scottish, and pirates


Sage Nottley


I started writing fiction one day when I was sick of my PhD. Friends told me they likes my stories, so I am sharing them with the world! So far I have tackled Australian legends.

If anyone is interested in reading early copies of books for review/to give me feedback, please let me know.

Franca Ogbonnaya

Hi everyone! Ever since I was a child, I wanted to write about fantasy, science fiction and adventures! It didn’t take long for me to realize that writing is very therapeutic especially when one is feeling moody. I currently have two works published; Betrayal of Blood (a novella of the Wielder Series) and The Novice Wielder ( a novel.) The story is about certain individuals from the three races that inhabit a world of fantasy and magic . There is conflict, betrayal, a bit of angst and lots of magic in this story. I’m currently working on the next book in this series. I hope you enjoy my books.

Konstantina P.


In the middle of the war between two powerful species that revealed the supernatural world to Humans, two people try to find their place among their kind and with each other while battling not only the circumstances, but their own nature too. Konstantina likes to think her writing skills are diverse as she jumps from author to playwright with ease. Her debut novel “WolfHeart”, a new adult, paranormal romance, was published on November 2017. She was born in 1988 in Korinthos, Greece and soon after her family moved to Lefkada where she grew up until 2006, when she relocated to Athens for her studies. She has a BSc in Physics, a MSc in Materials Science and currently she is studying for her PhD. In 2013, she got her Diploma in Scriptwriting for TV, Film, Stage, Radio.

R. W. Patterson


I’m an Austin, Texas author of the completed Heart and Soul Series, which includes four novels: Solace from Shadows, Light and Shadows, Dark Night of the Soul, and Light Over Dark Water. All are ebooks available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Solace-Shadows-Mortality-Eternity-Collide-ebook/dp/B01A1NCMIS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1517514503&sr=8-1&keywords=Solace+from+Shadows

Joan Peck

Death Card Series

After the Death card shows up and murders follow, tarot card reader Rosalie Bennett must use her talents in a whole new way. After the murder of her client, Rosie is determined to hunt down the killer. Her Silky pup Sweet Pea is her sidekick and her grandmother’s spirit pops in with advice – sometimes at the most ill-timed moments.

Joan lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is familiar with what goes on in this wild city. “To me, the fun of reading mystery books is to become so intrigued with the story it becomes impossible to put the book down. The fun of writing them is to put you in that same situation. For anyone who is hooked on reading mystery books, there’s nothing better than that.”

Alexandra Peel


Visual Artist turned author, Alexandra writes in a variety of genres and had a number of short stories published: ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ in the horror anthology, Game Over by Snowbooks. ‘Spinning Jenny’ in the speculative/sci-fi magazine The Singularity, plus ‘The Scream of the Butterfly’ in Wirral Writers anthology, Tick Tock.

Sticks & Stones is a collection of nine short tales on the theme of witchcraft; a student surpasses her teacher, a difficult decision, a nun is suspected and a young mans sanity is restored. From the 12th century to present day, stories to intrigue and entertain.

Janelle Peel


I am a Military Spouse and mother of two gorgeous girls. Currently, I write Fantasy and Paranormal Romance books.

Vampire Mage- My name is Sora. I was born into this world to a highly respected Mage family. All was well as a child; most children receive their magic at puberty… I was not that fortunate. Shunned by my family, I was cast out on my twenty-first birthday; a failure and disappointment to those who were supposed to love me. One night, I decided to walk to a dive bar near my home to drown my sorrows. That was where I met him, the Master Vampire of the SoCal Clutch. It was either the biggest mistake of my life… or the best decision in the world. Want to become a member of the Clutch? Signup here! http://eepurl.com/cYZlBf Or, follow on facebook! https://m.facebook.com/clutchmistress/

KG Petrone


TRUE EVIL NEVER DIES… True Evil has turned a small Pennsylvania town into its personal hunting grounds. The killer brands the victims before leaving behind poetic cryptic notes taunting the detectives. The investigation escalates when the witnesses are picked off, one by one.

IT TRANSITIONS AND WAITS… Victoria narrowly escaped with her life on the night they killed her family and took her daughter captive. Propelled by her maternal bond, Victoria ventures on a perilous mission to get her back. At the mercy of her captors, her daughter, Sue Lee is forced on a terrifying journey no eight-year-old child should ever have to endure. But what cost is Victoria willing to pay? Should she trust the enemy?

ENTANGLED WITHIN THE CYCLES OF TIME… Det. Jennifer Hart and her partner, Det. Patric Jones are the perfect duo in this dual timeline suspense mystery to end the slaughter. Jones uses his propensity for puzzles and problem solving, to assist Hart in putting the clues together. However, the investigation takes an unexpected turn, after they realize Hart’s insidious daydreams are a connection to something much viler. Soon, the Detectives find themselves delving into the past, knee-deep in a culture they know very little about, unearthing an even greater mystery. But will the Detectives find the next victim before the killer? And will Victoria ever be reunited with her little girl? “The past and present are simply; ‘Cycles of time’ continuously running parallel as separate worlds.”

Bernadette Rowley

The Master and the Sorceress

Desperate sorceress, Katrine Aranati, no longer knows how to deal with the woman she has become. She runs headlong into a man whose heart’s desire is order and control. James Tomel, master jeweler, is outwardly a pillar of society but he hides more than one dangerous secret. When they are thrown together on a trip to Brightcastle, fierce creatures from legend pursue them but even more dangerous are the feelings swirling between them. When their hearts and bodies come together, one will flee while the other demands an accounting. Can they find common ground where their love will flourish or will secrets and betrayal kill all hope of a life together? Find out if love and chaos can defeat order and control in the fourth exciting instalment of the Wildecoast Saga.

Brian Scutt

Brian Scutt spent his childhood in Central New York until he enlisted in the US Navy. He spent 5 years serving on an Ohio Class, nuclear submarine as a Torpedoman’s Mate, stationed in Washington State. Since then, he has come full circle back to Central New York, and now writes full time.

Reno Ursal


When Dorothy Dizon meets the mysterious Adrian Rosario and his alluring knowledge of Filipino history, her life takes an unchartered detour. Dorothy’s true calling is connected to the hidden history of the Philippines, but Adrian must keep her in the dark to keep her safe from enemies of his beloved secret society. Adrian doesn’t realize how much Dorothy affects his body and soul. And the more he underestimates her influence, the more vulnerable they become. Together, they experience an emotional journey that tests their beliefs, their choices ultimately affecting the people they love, leading to a new enlightenment for them both. Enlightenment, Book One of The Bathala Series explores the lost history of the Philippines through the first-person perspectives of Filipino characters who teeter dangerously between friendship and love.

Theresa Van Spankeren


Theresa Van Spankeren lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She got her bachelor’s degree from Elmhurst College, in Elmhurst Illinois. She has ghost-written self help articles for online sites and has spent the last several years grading standardized tests. When she isn’t writing she enjoys hiking and swimming, and also loves checking out local haunted places.

War of Destiny: Lost Soul

In 16th Century England, young Julia is in an arranged marriage. Her husband is a powerful and jealous man and although her heart belongs to another, she does what she must to survive. When tragedy strikes, a stranger offers her a deal that will change her life forever. Will she agree to join the Vampire Resistance to fight the King?

Roze Wallin


Hiya! I’m an avid reader turned passionate multi-genre author! So far I’ve written in young adult, new adult, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, historical, sci-fi, and horror/thriller/suspense. I love writing with everything I’ve got, and adore connecting with readers and fellow book lovers.



The Canadian author with a passion for reading, writing, music, and sports who enjoys long walks on the Hollywood Broadwalk. My interests also include coffee, dogs, and a solid book that involves sword and sorcery.

The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1

Ariella Ostragorion has been targeted by the Black Magic Sorcerers since her youth because of her connection to King Jasteroth which runs deeper than the sinister ice-power they both possess.