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Justin Bedi


“Sports Are Worth How Much!? And Other Questions in Pro Sports, Answered (Kind Of)” takes analytical and opinionated looks at the professional sports industry in the U.S. and Canada, and offers answers to the following debates: Should taxpayers help fund sports arenas? Do sports teams have any economic impact on their local communities? Why are some sports more popular than others? And what’s the big deal with fantasy sports? I use economics to tackle many of the debates, but the book is also filled with plenty of bad jokes and personal anecdotes to keep it fun.

Justin Bedi is a sports writer living in Canada. He has been a successful civil servant, economic policy analyst, and opinions writer. He holds a Master’s degree in International Trade from the University of Saskatchewan’s Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Journalism from the University of Victoria. His writing and empirical work has appeared in newspapers, sports websites, and other media outlets across the U.S. and Canada. He is considered by many to be classically handsome.

Tyler Cook

The simple alternative approach for how to hit home runs consistently from the perspective of a former prolific home run hitter. Gain valuable insight into the intricacies of effectively going deep on the regular. Consider the psychology and the inner workings of a home run hitter’s mind, spirit and lifestyle. Take into account the vibration and consciousness of a high level home run hitting athlete over the frequently more accepted traditional lifestyles with the effect of achieving beautiful higher conditions of awareness.

Margherita Gilley


Thomas Grove, the Dead Football is a tough sport and high school football is tougher than most people imagine: heat, soul-crushing gassers, exhaustion, and corruption are all part of everyday life at Wilson High in the fictional town of Altoona, Texas. The gridiron is where an unexpected struggle begins for Thomas Grove, a quarterback for the Wilson High School team. He and his friend Abel Martin just want and uneventful year, but they are caught in a scandal that threatens their survival on the high school football team. Despite the grueling trials, Thomas and Abel are determined to stay on the team. But someone has to be cut and Coach Bellicose knows exactly who that player should be: Abel Martin, the skinny pain-in-the-ass, Thomas Grove’s best friend. On August 22nd, during a particularly tough practice, Abel Martin collapses, relinquishing one of the coveted spots on the team. But Thomas knows what really happened on the field; it wasn’t just heat exhaustion. He retreats into his own world, dead to all, to figure out how to deal with the cataclysmic events that destroy Abel’s chances of playing football. How can Thomas get through the year without Abel? With the help of Ana, his girlfriend, and a small group of colorful friends, Thomas finds his voice and brings justice to Wilson High.