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Amira Awaad


Amira Awaad is an author and academic dean. She enjoys reading crime, mystery, fantasy and sci-fi. As a product of international upbringing, Awaad’s writing is inspired by the diverse languages and peoples of the world. They intertwine with her ancient soul and pour out in her ebooks, “Silently Yours, Lucienne”, “Living in the Shadows of the Pyramids”, “The Ankhs” series, and the “Asha Renu” series. In them, Awaad carefully folds a piece of herself, opened for readers to see.

David J. Bookbinder


Find balance, build resilience, and expand your heart with this unique, visually stunning guide to successfully traversing the hills and valleys of human experience. Psychotherapist, photographer and near-death survivor David J. Bookbinder brings his talent for personal transformation to his readers. Combining potent, pragmatic essays in the lineage of Carl Jung with 52 award-winning Flower Mandala images, David both shows and tells the tale of a spiritual seeker who, having traversed his own winding path toward awakening, now guides others to find balance, build resilience, overcome fear, and expand their hearts.

Lydia Francis

Hi, I’m Lydia! After 15 years of struggling with depression and anxiety, I decided to write a book so I could help others who might be going through the same thing. This book is meant to help its reader become more mindful of their negative thoughts , feelings and how they react to stressful situations. It highlights ways in which they can practice self-love, self-care, self-compassion and take back control of their minds so they can start to live happier lives while overcoming their anxiety and depression symptoms.

Holly Hazen


From super charged to super terrified, super athletic to debilitating pain and depression, it took years of trial, error, therapy and education, before Holly could manage her own illness and become The Migraine Savvy Coach. Get more life out of life via her website www.MigraineSavvy.com

Migraine Management: How to Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain and Prevent Attacks

• Stress management, supportive tips and practices.
• Breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
• Quick stress relief tips and sensual experiments (taste, touch, smell, etc.)
• How to ease anxiety around making major decisions, a step-by-step process
• Your best chance at aborting the next migraine attack
• Steps to making your new habits stick
• Resources for dealing with setbacks
1. Tools to Reduce Stress
2. Dealing with Majorly Stressful Events in Life
3. Reverse Therapy for Migraineurs
4. Developing Your Pain Management Strategy
5. Forming New Habits
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Angela Page


Suddenly single and broke, Sylvia, 55, transforms herself into a dating coach. Along with her housemates, Kiki, a young transgender Asian, and Honey, a Latina psychic chiropractor, Sylvia builds a singles dating service for boomers and searches for her Mr. Perfect. But does she follow her own dating advice? Get inspired and motivated by Sylvia’s dating tips in her accompanying dating guide and workbook!

Peggy Sealfon


I’m Personal Development Coach and Motivational Speaker Peggy Sealfon. I’m also a publisher and author of self-help books. My best seller is ESCAPE FROM ANXIETY–SUPERCHARGE YOUR LIFE WITH POWERFUL STRATEGIES FROM A to Z(available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or EscapeFromAnxiety.com). Anxiety and stress can be debilitating. This book offers over 100 easy-to-use strategies for interrupting patterns of fear to more easily manage life’s challenges. Most recently, I published EMBODYING THE POWER OF THE ZERO STRESS ZONE which is a compilation of the remarkable teachings of world-renowned spiritual master Yogi Amrit Desai. This powerful book teaches you how to enter an integrated state of being which allows life to become more effortless. By living in the “zone,” you access the best version of yourself in your relationships, work, health and spirituality. The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or StonewaterStudioBooks.com. (My coaching website to train in my Integrated Life Coaching System is PeggySealfon.com)