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Thomas Anderson

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have been a huge interest and the interest is growing all the time. This book is for beginners and is not only about Bitcoin, but rather about twenty very different cryptocurrencies and crypto systems, which you see listed below. The first part of the book explains briefly the terminology and usage of cryptocurrencies, and talks about getting rich with these assets – the cryptoassets. I guide you through the jungle of wallets, mining, investing and give some hints and ideas for setting up a cryptocurrency-based business. It is important to note that these cryptoassets, which all are based on the blockchain (or the loopchain) technology are very different and they have different goals. Ethereum, for instance, is a true platform for decentralized apps (applications) and it can have a true impact on our economical world. Then SALT, for example, is a business platform for the lending and borrowing of money. Ripple plans to be a true innovation (and it already is) for the financial institutions and so. In the cryptocurrency world, there are many niches which are still unconquered. If you manage to find a true cryptoasset, which is just getting popular, you may have found your fast lane to riches.

Phyllis Delia


Phyllis Delia is a Poet from Upstate NY and a member of NY Book editors and Creative Penn. Her works have been published in The Buffalo News, Poetic Voices of America, The Blush of Morning, and Glowing Embers. In addition to her passion for writing, Phyllis enjoys creating jewelry and painting with acrylics. Many of the life lessons explored in Joyful Bliss & Broken Hearts have led to her fulfilling current relationship, in which she and her partner enjoy walking hand in hand on park trails, and sharing common interests…but also cherishing the separateness that makes them each uniquely fascinating

Barb Drozdowich


Social Media and WordPress Consultant Barb Drozdowich has taught in colleges, universities and in the banking industry. More recently, she brings her 15+ years of teaching experience and a deep love of books to help authors develop the social media platform needed to succeed in today’s fast evolving publishing world. She delights in taking technical subjects and making them understandable by the average person. She owns Bakerview Consulting and manages the popular blog, Sugarbeat’s Books, where she talks about Romance novels.

She is the author of 15 books, over 40 YouTube videos, an online Goodreads course and an online WordPress course, all focused on helping authors and bloggers. Barb lives in the mountains of British Columbia with her family.

Joshua Edwards


I write because I like the sound of my fingers on the keys. In addition, I believe strongly in the message I share and have a passion to make it palatable for those who would normally never read this genre. Humor and relational/authentic conversation are my weapons of choice.

Lynn Hallbrooks


I co-wrote the Call Sign: Wrecking Crew series, the first two have been labeled Political Thriller by Amazon. The third is a novella that fits more into a Family Drama genre but is based on the first two books. I wrote a NonFiction book, Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human which could be great for anyone looking for tips on cleaning and organizing.

Nancy Fairbrother


Hi Shrimpers, I’m the author of a self-help e-book called “Who Are You? What Are You Doing Here? Where Are You Going? Discover Your Life Purpose, Fuel Your Inner Fire, and Light Up Your Life.” A really long title offering an unconventional way to discover your life purpose in 1-2 hours using Chaldean numerology (easy to learn) and offering a little-known process that wipes away emotional issues instantly. I am a retired psychotherapist and used these processes in my practice with quicker and more effective results than any others I am aware of, and that’s saying a lot.

Part of my purpose as a writer is to de-mystify ancient occult knowledge. My book goes into that in some detail, showing how science and spirit are emerging as two sides of the same coin; same information, different languages. We are missing out on a huge repository of practical knowledge that is needed in these changing times, simply because it looks scary. I hope to allay the fears associated with this goldmine of information.

Mary Feliciani

MF Publishing

Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You

This book is a collection of seven inspiring mini-biographies. The author uses the voices of Mattie Stepanek, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Terry Fox, Craig Kielburger, and her own reflections to encourage the reader to join a growing movement towards social responsibility and global citizenship. Appropriate for Grades 5 and up (reading age 10-12+)

Printed book available on Amazon.ca and m.f.publishing.com

Follow me on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14210392.Mary_Feliciani

Lydia Francis

Hi, I’m Lydia! After 15 years of struggling with depression and anxiety, I decided to write a book so I could help others who might be going through the same thing. This book is meant to help its reader become more mindful of their negative thoughts , feelings and how they react to stressful situations. It highlights ways in which they can practice self-love, self-care, self-compassion and take back control of their minds so they can start to live happier lives while overcoming their anxiety and depression symptoms.

Frank Gerace

Frank Gerace currently teaches English to adult immigrants in New York at a CUNY college. This book “Wake Up your writing: with the Tricks of the Old Pros” moves into the area of style with an examination of the Rhetorical Devices used by classic and modern writers. A previous work, “ESL and Adult Learners of English CAN WRITE RIGHT, contains exercises and answers to stress knowledge of basic grammar, especially the parts of speech and sentence structure, to help new learners move faster towards writing good English. A lighthearted look at the classic rhetorical tricks that can provide inspiration and models to new writers. Fifty examples of the measures used by classical and modern English writers to emphasize and clarify, organize and arrange, and desplay style and personality. Each example has an easy-to-remember modern title as well as the original name given by the ancients. This book is an accessible introduction to good writing, as well as being a valuable aid to your own writing.

Sarah Jordan


Master Pet Sitting with Rover is your personal portal into the fun-filled, lucrative world of pet sitting. In a remarkably entertaining and down to earth step-by-step guide, Asheville pet sitter Sarah Jordan takes you on priceless pet sitting journey from the very first page. By the end of Master Pet Sitting with Rover, you’ll have dogs, cats and clients practically eating out of your hands as you enrich your life through pet sitting.

Sarah Jordan is a multi-passionate Pet Sitter and the author of the acclaimed guide, Master Pet Sitting With Rover: Start, Market and Grow Your Pet Sitting Business in 30 Days or Less. When she’s not writing stories, books or songs, you’ll find Sarah strumming a ukulele, making art, reading tarot cards and mentoring students worldwide in the online courses she created. She lives in Asheville, NC with her husband Chad. Thank you so much!


Kayla Kurin


Work anywhere, travel forever: tales of a digital nomad

Joni Martins


Joni Martins was born in the Netherlands and now lives in the United Kingdom with her family. She is in her early fifties and she has so far written and published five books in her ‘Friends, family and love’ series. Four are available in both English and Dutch, the last one only in English. The first book, Captive Love, was published in December 2017. Joni has always loved writing, but could not act on this while she still was working in her career. Now retired, she is now focusing on her career as a multi-genre author and loving it. Joni is working on the sixth book in the series which she hopes will be ready for publication around Christmas 2018. She has several other books planned, both in this series and apart from it. Meet up with Joni on her blog (https://jonimartinsauthor.blogspot.co.uk/) and website (https://sites.google.com/view/jonimartins), on Twitter (@JoniMartins3), Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. She would be happy to meet you there. The latest developments regarding her work can also be found there.

Roger McEwan


‘I’ve experienced all the different roles you have to play when there’s nobody else around: a parent, a dad, a father, a stand-in mum, a confidant, always a butler or maid, a teacher and, most crucially, a friend.’ In this enlightening but also very practical book, Roger McEwan shares the lessons he’s learned from years as a solo dad. It is not, he insists, a self-help book. But amidst the rich, always fascinating, often hilarious experiences of his times with his two children are dozens and dozens of useful pieces of advice for parents – from developing a great relationship with your ex (if you can) to letting the children pick the clothes they want to wear, teaching them to cook, and acknowledging that changing a toilet roll is too complex for anyone under the age of eighteen to understand.

Barbara Ann Mojica


Barbara Ann Mojica is a retired educator who has spent forty years teaching in the fields of elementary and special education as well as being a principal and special education administrator. Currently, she writes biweekly historical pieces under the banner “Passages” for The Columbia Insider, a Columbia County, NY news magazine, while writing children’s books for her award-winning series Little Miss HISTORY Travels to. Ever wonder about life in the Ice Age? Little Miss HISTORY travels back in time to LA BREA TAR PITS & MUSEUM in her eighth adventure of the award-winning “Little Miss HISTORY Travels to” children’s book series. Springs of liquid petroleum and a great lake of pitch, filled with exploding bubbles, once dotted the landscape of modern Los Angeles. At La Brea scientists discovered fossils of plants and animals like mammoths, sloths, and saber-tooth tigers that lived there thousands of years ago. The George C. Page Museum contains a glass-enclosed laboratory nicknamed the “Fish Bowl” where visitors can see scientists at work cleaning and categorizing current fossil discoveries. Visitors will discover wonders as they meander through the Pleistocene gardens, view an Ice Age film, and gaze down into the pits – but Be careful! Watch out for those tar seeps.

I am a retired educator and historian who is committed to the objective of making learning about historical people and places both fun and educational.

Deborah A. Morrison



Finding Your Center: Explorations in Philosophy, New Physics and Eastern Mysticism?

Finding Your Center is a fascinating compilation which highlights many important aspects of life, and the knowledge contained therein is reflective of the ever changing world in which we live. Each page is overflowing with a diverse spectrum of philosophies, theologies, and more, together with perspectives from sociological to western thought, eastern mysticism and new physics. You will learn how your life will be enriched when you come to know the importance of finding your center.

Deborah A. Morrison is an internationally recognized author and master life coach from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She is inspired by the healing power of the written word, nature and people, expressing her abilities to foster inspirations, growth and learning. Along with her published non-fiction, fiction, and poetry books, Deborah has written numerous published articles on natural therapies, yoga, mediation, psychology, and metaphysics.




Rajamanickam Antonimuthu is Founder of QualityPoint Technologies, an Information Technology Company Established in 2008. He is interested in writing about Software Development, Latest Technology Developments and Motivational Stuff. He is running motivational website TheQuotes.net and a YoutTube Channel “QualityPointTech” for giving latest technology news. Books: 1. Motivation from TheQuotes.Net – Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated Positively 2. How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube 3. Software Testing and QTP Automation See them at https://www.amazon.com/Rajamanickam-Antonimuthu/e/B00C4Q0CZQ/

Ray Simmons


Ray Simmons was born and raised in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. He attended and graduated from Alba High School and those High School Days were some of the best of his life. He has been a Deep Sea Diver, a soldier, a teacher, and most of all a traveler and a student of life. Now he wants to try his hand at writing and he welcomes all comments, help, and suggestions any friends and fans might have. He remains convinced that friendship, loyalty, and hard work make life fun, interesting, and meaningful. This whole arena of e publishing is new and exciting to him and he looks forward to working in it and eventually mastering it.


P.J. Sullivan

My book, “Mostly Rapscallions,” proves beyond reasonable doubt that learning history can be fun. It is real history, but also biography and humor.

Nick Wall


Around the World in 575 Songs : Traditional music from all the world’s countries VOL 1 – Europe, VOL 2 – Africa, VOL 3 – Asia & Oceania, VOL 4 – Americas I’m the author of a newly published non-fiction book in four volumes. In these volumes I take on the unique challenge of writing about the music and culture of every country in the world. I spent over four years gathering traditional music from countries large and small, from Kazakhstan to Kiribati, listening to what the artists had to say and researching their cultures, then weaving the music in with information, stories, and reflections about each country. The work is aimed at anyone with a passion for exploring other cultures. As a bonus, readers can listen to all 575 featured songs on the website that accompanies the project. Each volume contains an introductory section, and then one chapter for each country. Over the four volumes there are 200 self-contained chapters.

Saralyn Ward

The Guide to Survive Motherhood: Newborn Edition is a fully interactive, go-to guide to everything you need to know about your baby and your body after birth. Over 30 experts offer lighthearted and actionable advice to help you navigate everything from breastfeeding to baby blues, from choosing a formula to healing your lady parts, from losing the baby weight to getting some much needed sleep. With video content, answers to over 100 FAQs, diet and workout plans, the latest evidence-based research, and stories from the front lines of motherhood, The Guide to Survive Motherhood: Newborn Edition is the first ebook of its kind that truly offers a digital village of support for new mamas, right in the palm of your hand.