Avid4 New Adult

Phill Featherstone


Kerryl Shaw lives with her family on a hilltop farmstead, Paradise Farm. Her life is idyllic until a deadly virus spreads across the country and wipes out her family and community. Left on her own, she thinks it’s only a matter of time before she, too, succumbs to the plague and she decides to document her final days on earth in a diary. She knows no-one is left to read it so she imagines a reader and calls him Adam. As the empty days go by she becomes convinced that Adam is real. She starts to lose her grip on reality and the truth becomes blurred. Kerryl has survived a lethal disease; Paradise Girl tells of her struggle to survive the loneliness that follows.

Paradise Girl has just received a Chill With a Book Readers’ Award – http://www.chillwithabook.com/2018/02/paradise-girl-by-phill-featherstone.html

Serena Ivo


What do you get when a jack-of-all-arts decides to write a book? 338 unconventional pages. In the same fashion that Serena dabbles in many of the fine arts, her book “Fourteen and a Quarter: Coined Fiction” dabbles in many genres. Her book of 14 intense short stories is composed on the premise that it is truer to life to know less about the arc of a human story than to know the whole. Thus, the reader will find themselves re-reading and imaging possible continuations of the stories long after the cover is shut. “Fourteen” is an edgy, yet clean musing on classic virtues such as prudence, chastity, and sobriety, and illustrates the eternal constitution of the human spirit via the paths of unchurched Americans in their lives, and even in their afterlives. Serena has a secular bachelor’s degree in Comparative Religion, which background she drew upon to create her book.