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Paul John Adams


To Fail With Flying Colors is revolutionary literary fiction with a psychological theme. See my video-interview “Taking it the the Extremes” at http://www.josephcarrabis.com/category/interviews/paul-john-adams/ and text-interview “Know More Than Your Own Life” at https://www.urbanfiction.org/paul-john-adams-interview/. I aim to reinvent literature, forget what I’ve learned, and start again.

Mehreen Ahmed


Critically acclaimed novelist, Mehreen Ahmed has been publishing since 1987.

Mehreen comes from a family of writers. Many of her relatives were published writers of fiction and nonfiction including her father Manzoor Alam. Her grandfather Jan-e- Alam Chowdhury was a novelist. Currently, she lives in Brisbane Australia.

Carey V. Azzara

Kaitlin’s Mooring

Nothing is more horrific than losing a child, nothing more joyous than the birth of one. When grief intertwines with joy, it throws the Deveau family into turmoil. Pregnant twenty-year-old Kaitlin Deveau leaves Boston University in a hurry when Henry, her grandfather, calls from Maine with devastating news. Bereft of hope, Kaitlin’s son, Christopher, becomes a life preserver, keeping the family buoyant. Henry, now Chris’s only male role model, teaches him lessons he uses throughout life. In the end, Chris and his adopted sister, Susan, must save their parents from the fate that took his grandparents—but the outcome is uncertain.

Elaine Bertolotti


I recently posted my book, LAINIE’S LADIES on Amazon. here is the description.
Lainie Stockwell is a well-known portrait painter who lives in her studio loft in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, noted for a characteristic artistic charm. She was considering an early retirement on a beautiful island when to her surprise she receives not one, but four inquiries for portraits. These four “ladies”, each one with her own particular reason for a portrait, invade her life and she finds that helping them settle their personal affairs becomes her goal. Lainie learns that painting someone’s portrait means “discovering” . She sneaks a look into their lives to capture their essence and gets a glimpse into their past. This can lead to many surprises.
There are great satisfactions as she unravels long ago secrets and even gets a chance to play cupid! The story doesn’t end there. A mysterious missing portrait causes chaos and it’s Lainie, with the help of a determined private eye, who discovers still another secret that will change the life of one of her ladies.

James Wallace Birch

Existentialist quest, paranoid mystery, radical counterculture expose, witty social commentary, and finger to the man: Discontents is a tour de force! A story that almost didn’t get told: In January 2011, Emory Walden, one of the most notorious political dissidents and graffiti artists hunted by authorities throughout the District of Columbia disappeared. Half a year later, James Wallace Birch, an old high school friend, received a letter from Emory. James later published Discontents for Emory. It is a Emory’s riveting first-hand account that puts to rest the speculation surrounding his disappearance. In it, we see a rare account of a man struggling against amnesia to uncover the nebulous forces that sought to bring him down.

Mat Blackwell


Mat Blackwell is a multi-award-winning writer and reclusive bearded troglodyte. He has written jokes for performers as varied as Waleed Aly, Paul McDermott, Corinne Grant, Amanda Keller, Sammy J, Wil Anderson, and Barry Humphries. He also co-created and co-wrote the hilariously grotesque sharehouse-convict-black-comedy BRUCE (brucetheseries.com), which was the 3rd-most awarded webseries of 2017. When he’s not cranking out the gags for TV, or penning satirical novels for discerning adults, Mat writes philosophical essays on music, art, humour, and morality. BEEF is a contemporary satire about love, meat, and infidelity, set in an Australia of the incredibly-near future. It is a multi-generational tale of unseen consequences, and the pressures of legacy. But most of all, it’s the tale of an awkward middle-aged sociophobe’s attempts to not have an affair with a wildly attractive psychic, who insists they are going to end up together, like it or not, because “it’s destiny”.

Jamey Boelhower


I’m an independent author with one book of fiction, two poetry books, and a collection from my blog: https://itisallconnected.wordpress.com/

Bio: I am a husband and father of six children. I have spent the past 20 years in education as a high school English teacher, coach, professional developer, and college instructor. My writing often reflects my own life experiences as well as my personal observations of the world around us.

Patrick Canning


The Colonel and the Bee is an exciting coming of age/adventure story in which a peculiar explorer and downtrodden acrobat travel the globe on a building-sized hot air balloon, racing against a menagerie of deadly treasure hunters to solve a riddle and locate the precious artifact it promises. Around the World in Eighty Days meets Wizard of Oz, or as one reviewer put it, “Lara Croft, steampunk style.”

Kimelene Carr


Kimelene Carr is an author and poet born and living in Trinidad. Before becoming a published author, she was employed as a teacher for ten years as well as tutored both primary and secondary students privately and over the years, she has also done freelance media coverage. Kimelene always had a deep love and strong passion for writing. Sans Espoir is her debut novel. Also published by Kimelene Carr are three poetry collections. At present, she lives with her husband, their three daughters and a mini zoo of pets in her hometown, Arouca.

WC Clinton


Two Pairs of Shorts. From a contentious church board meeting to a neighborhood watch gone wrong, from a young man mailing Christmas cards on a cold December night to a middle-aged woman’s contemplation of her life as she performs a summer chore, “two pairs of shorts” provides glimpses into the everyday lives of four protagonists. Divided between “Light” and “Dark,” this quartet of short stories moves in gradations from comic to tragic.

WC Clinton has been making things up on paper since he was a boy of seven. Born the first of three children, he has managed to maintain that position despite fierce competition from his siblings. Besides writing, Clinton spent several years in the theater, until the janitor discovered his hiding place and threw him out. He has been the companion of many dogs, is the father of two sons and is the husband of one woman.

AJ Colher

Jesse Minkin is a study-mad Harvard hopeful. Anything that could possibly distract him from this goal is just petty teenage drama to him, including romance. His two best friends since childhood—the popular jock and the intimidating bad boy—have created the perfect shield for him, behind which he can safely practice his nerdy ways without harassment from bullies. However, when he meets the openly gay target of a violent hate crime, Jesse begins to see beyond his textbooks; perhaps there’s educational merit in petty teenage drama after all, and not all learning leads to Harvard.

Trishna Damodar


Trishna Damodar is a Woman of the world. She has spent her life in various cities in India and abroad. Travelling, food and dance are her hobbies, and these reflect in her work.

She started her career off as a Hotelier. After parting ways with the industry, poetry and stories engulfed her world. From 2012 till date she has published two poetry books (Mind & Heart Speak Words Volume I and II) and a novel (Bag Exchange), and continues to write new stories.

The time that her words help people in a small manner, is when she will consider herself as a successful author.

About Bag Exchange:
It’s an exchange of emotions,
An understanding of oneself,
A journey of many,
Linked together to produce the titillating story, ‘Bag Exchange’.

Joan Dempsey


When eighty-five-year-old art professor Ludka Zeilonka’s grandson is among a group of gay teachers fired over concerns that they’re silencing Christian kids in the classroom, Ludka is drawn into the political firestorm—as both sides battle to preserve their respective rights to free speech, the hatred on display raises the specter of her WWII past, a past she’s spent a lifetime trying to forget.

Barbara Ehrentreu


My first novel If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor tells the story of Caroline Samuels who feels bad about her body and the girl who has bullied her since middle school, Jennifer Taylor, a girl who is an aspiring Olympic gymnast and the most popular girl in school. When both girls are paired for a math project they are forced to work together. Caroline both envies and hates Jennifer, but as she learns more about Jennifer she realizes Jennifer has a terrible secret. Adding to this Caroline has a crush on Jennifer’s boyfriend, Brad, the hot quarterback and she also wants to be a cheerleader and be popular. Does Caroline keep Jennifer’s secret?


My second book is After which came from my own life. When Lauren’s father calls her while having a heart attack her entire life changes in an instant. As his condition worsens she realizes who her friends are and finds that one friend in particular, Joey, is becoming more than a friend. The problem is Joey has a mean girlfriend named Amber.


Trevor Elder

I have books in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romantic Suspense, and a short fairy tale.


Janet Garber


Janet Garber received a BA from Queens College, NY, in English/French and an MA in English from the University of Rochester. She has had her articles, essays, book and movie reviews and poems published widely in print and online. Her fiction has appeared in a score of literary journals including Forge Literary Journal, Contrapositions and Caesura and in several anthologies. In addition she’s published two books, I Need a Job, Now What? (Silver Lining Books) and more recently, Dream Job, Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager, a fast and funny read. She lives on the outskirts of NYC with her husband two emotionally-challenged rescue cats.


Radhika Giridharan

When a marriage proposal from a much married 30 year old Raghavendra for 12 year old Krishnaa comes knocking on the door of Gundappa Chowltry, life takes on a dramatic turn for Krishnaa. An official bride-seeing ceremony and a quick peek at the bridegroom seals things and before long Krishnaa finds herself embarking on her new journey with her new husband-a man she barely knows to the temple town of Kumbakonam. What lies in store for Krishnaa in her new house as Raghavendra’s second wife? Where is Raghavendra’s first wife? Read more…..in Krishnaa Queen Bee of No 8 West Iyen Street. A story which traces Krishnaa’s life journey from 1904 to the modern times. Now available on Amazon.in as well as all international Amazon sites.

Rebecca Gransden



In Hilligoss, a tired man searches for a son, a flamingo enthrals the night, and fireworks light up the lost. In these stories and more, Rusticles offers a meandering tour through backroads bathed in half light, where shadows play along the verges and whispers of the past assault daydreams of the present. Walk the worn pathways of Hilligoss.

Lynn Hallbrooks


I co-wrote the Call Sign: Wrecking Crew series, the first two have been labeled Political Thriller by Amazon. The third is a novella that fits more into a Family Drama genre but is based on the first two books. I wrote a NonFiction book, Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human which could be great for anyone looking for tips on cleaning and organizing.


A book creatively narrated from the eyes of three characters; father, mother, and son. Benjamin Lawrence, a stockbroker, a poor father, an arrogant husband, an overindulgent man, and a real jerk travels inside of his very own soul and into the depths of his wildest dreams. But his soul will not unleash him until he unlocks the key to all of his fundamental flaws. Hope, true love, forgiveness, a failed marriage, poor parenting, gun violence, God and many other issues ride the currents down a river and through this novel’s literary realism.

Greg Hickey


Greg Hickey is a former international professional baseball player and current forensic scientist, endurance athlete, author and screenwriter. His debut dystopian fiction novel Our Dried Voices was a finalist for Foreword Reviews’ INDIES Science Fiction Book of the Year Award. His second novel, a literary choose-your-own-adventure titled The Friar’s Lantern, was published in 2017 by Black Rose Writing. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Lindsay.

Din Ka

Where Tomorrow Waits unfolds over the haunting landscape of Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge war era. Dara, a young girl whom instead of enjoying the carefree life of a teenager, is trapped between the opposing burdens of her mother’s secret affair and her own loyalty to her father. Soon enough, Dara discovers her mother’s selfish secret is just the beginning of her sufferings as it leads her on a path filled with more lies, betrayal, and molestation. As Dara’s father, Muirye, learns about the consequences behind her mother’s actions, he sets forth to make a sacrifice that would ultimately change Dara’s life forever. But before Dara can learn to accept the changes her father has brought forth into her life, she must first survive the Khmer Rouge genocide. Dara is left with a heartbreaking choice— risk her life trying to escape to America, a promised land of opportunity, or stay behind and sacrifice everything to search for her father, who might not even be alive. The choice she makes takes her on a haunting journey that spans three decades of guilt, lies, and what if questions. The deep dark twisting truth Dara accidently uncovers, which her mother had been guarding all her life, is something Dara considers far worse than death. Will Dara ever be able to accept the deep dark twisting truth she has been unknowingly living with all her life, or will death finally grasp her by its fingertips?

Effie Kammenou


Evanthia’s Gift is a love story spanning fifty years and crossing two continents, chronicling the lives of a mother and daughter whose fate is determined by the men they choose to love. This Greek American family saga follows a multigenerational story of love, loyalty, and culture. An emotional novel about family bonds and the difficult pull between home and heritage. From Greece to New York. From the 1950’s to the 1990’s. Two generations of passionate woman overcome life’s struggles to chase their dreams.

Jonathan LaPoma


Trying to escape the oppression leading him to drinking, drugs, and despair, 22-year-old William James rejects a teaching position offer at a prestigious Buffalo high school and moves to Mexico to find freedom in its beaches, mountains, and culture.

But soon, this freedom becomes oppressive as well as William finds himself unable to avoid the pull of the wild party scene in the small town of Lila where he lives. He continues a downward spiral until he meets a complex and compassionate Mexican woman whose love inspires him to face the question he’s been avoiding: Is this trip a desperate search for life or a slow death?

A dark but humorous coming-of-age novel, UNDERSTANDING THE ALACRÁN explores many of the questions that haunt young people searching for love and their place in this world, and offers a poetic look at the raw beauty and healing power of Mexico.

John F Lavelle


Oreads (Or-e-ads) is a touching and bittersweet coming-of-age story. Lyrical, emotionally charged, moving and heart breaking. Oreads is an excellent story and an important one. This novel does for Vietnam War era Appalachia what Thomas Hardy did for Victorian England with Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Lavelle’s first novel explores gender roles, sexuality, and Appalachian regional influences, from setting to socioeconomic determinism. In Greek mythology an Oread is a mountain nymph, so Lavelle’s title, Oreads, emphasizes the powerful connection between the protagonist, Cassie Wolphe, and her mountainous environment.

“Oreads guides readers through a treacherous path of inevitable heartbreak and willful resilience in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia.” Jason Mark Harris—Appalachian Journal

“Author John F. Lavelle’s Oreads is a compelling, creative, and original novel that is certain to be an enduringly popular and very highly recommended addition to community library collections.”—Midwest Book Review—The Fiction Shelf

Paulette Mahurin


Paulette Mahurin is a best-selling literary fiction and historical fiction novelist. She lives with her husband Terry and two dogs, Max and Bella, in Ventura County, California. She grew up in West Los Angeles and attended UCLA, where she received a Master’s Degree in Science. Her first novel, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, made it to Amazon bestseller lists and won awards. Her second novel, His Name Was Ben rose to bestseller lists its second week out. Her third novel, To Live Out Loud, won international critical acclaim and made it to multiple sites as favorite read book of 2015. Her fourth book, The Seven Year Dress, made it to the top ten bestseller lists on Amazon U.S., Amazon U.K. and Amazon Australia. Her fifth book, The Day I Saw The Hummingbird, was released in 2017 to rave reviews. Her sixth book, A Different Kind of Angel, was released in August, 2018.

Ili Mais

I published my book under pen name, hence, no bio. But just like my book heroine, I am a Russian immigrant living in the United States, making art, chaos, crazy decisions and living like there is no tomorrow.

“When craziness mixes with love, happiness, deviants and unicorns—all you can do is embrace it.” A marijuana farm. A runaway LA socialite. A “tribe” of hippies. Not all journeys of self-discovery start the same way… Kitty, a successful LA socialite is having a life crisis. After one of her meltdowns she runs… All the way to her long-time friends who are in charge of a pot farm. There Kitty finds herself in a community of runaways who gathered together for seasonal work. She doesn’t fit in and she could care less. Full of bitterness and despise for the people that snobby and stuck-up Kitty would never in any other circumstances even talk to she reluctantly joins them for “trim” work and unwillingly becomes a witness to their lives full of drugs, experiments and craziness. And that’s when things get interesting…

Rhian J. Martin


Rhian J. Martin is the author of “A Different Familiar,” a novel set in Galway, a city on the ruggedly picturesque west coast of Ireland. The novel explores the ambiguous nature of young adult life, the misery of lost hope, and the human capacity for connection, compassion, and camaraderie across generations.

Rhian J. Martin studied English, History, and International Studies at The Pennsylvania State University, The National University of Ireland, Galway, and The College of William & Mary.

Gerrald Mccollister

I have published Born to the Flame: La Casa Monte, and Flavors of the East Highlands of Guatemala on Amazon Books. I like many othee people am anxious to get reviews. I worked for the U.S. Forest Seevice for 17 years and was a Peace Corp volunteer in Guatemala. These books and my next one are about those expienences. Thank you very much for your time.

Andrea McKenzie Raine


Andrea McKenzie Raine was born in Smithers, BC and grew up in Victoria, BC where she still resides. She was enrolled in the Creative Writing program and earned a B.A. in English Literature at the University of Victoria in 2000, and completed a post-degree Public Relations certificate program. She has attended the successful Planet Earth Poetry reading series (formerly known as Mocambopo) in Victoria, BC since 1997, and participated in the Glenairley writing retreats led by Canadian poet and novelist Patrick Lane in Sooke, BC. In 2005, she published her first book of poetry, titled A Mother’s String, through Ekstasis Editions. Her poetry has also appeared in Mocambo Nights, Canadian Literature journal, Quills, Borderlines anthology (Ascent Aspirations magazine), Tempus anthology (Rubicon Press), Poems from Planet Earth (Leaf Press), Tongues of Fire anthology, and several Glenairley chapbooks edited by Patrick Lane (Leaf Press). She has also written book reviews and articles for local magazines, celebrating the work of her peers. Andrea is also the fiction editor of the BC Federation of Writers’ WordWorks magazine. She lives with her husband and two young sons and, by day, is employed as a correspondence writer for the provincial government. Turnstiles is her debut novel published by Inkwater Press. She also published her second novel, A Crowded Heart, through Inkwater Press, which is a prequel to Turnstiles.



Sujata Morab

Hi, I am Sujata Morab from India. “Dancing Stars” is my debut book. In short, my book is a “STORY OF STARS DANCING TO THE TUNES OF THE WHIMSICAL UNIVERSE………….”

Johnny Moscato


Rain Man meets Forrest Gump in this epic tale of the adventures of Jimmy Darwin, recounted by Jimmy himself.

He has a savant ability that could save the lives of millions of people, but Jimmy Darwin has been written off as “mentally challenged” and beaten up his entire life. He’s not a big fan of people. In fact, if everyone would just leave him alone, he’d be happy living in a tent next to a nice, quiet pond. The little survivalist could hold the key to a better understanding of our world. But is the world ready? It’s up to Jimmy to decide.

Shabana Mukhtar

Every heart has a story or maybe more. I am a full time software professional and part-time aspiring writer.


Thomas Lloyd Qualls


Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, a condition that is apparently incurable. If you like what you read here, remember that words can open doors, so follow them: www.tlqonline.com/blog-sign-up. Also, you could just invite him out for coffee or beer. He loves a good conversation.

Waking Up at Rembrandt’s

Maggie is a discouraged lawyer, Dillon, a heart-broken vagabond, and Phillip, a frustrated writer. Their stories are told by the mysterious Jillian, part purveyor of spirits and part spiritual guru.

Inside the walls of cafe rembrandt, where whipping fresh cream is an act of poetry and pouring a drink an act of faith, we fall under Jillian’s spell. With a voice that is lyrical and immediate, she artfully trails her Ariadne thread to lead her devotees back into the light.

Waking Up at Rembrandt’s is a fresh take on the tale of awakenings. It celebrates the sensual, as well as the spiritual, effortlessly bridging the two worlds.

Author Thomas Lloyd Qualls combines prose and poetry, fiction and spirituality, and dreams and reality in a manner that is at once unconventional and irresistible. Blending the epicurean delights of Peter Mayle, the travel adventures of Hemingway, the spiritual teachings of Krishnamurti, and the magical realism of Isabel Allende, Waking Up at Rembrandt’s takes literary fiction into new territory.

Michael J. Sahno


Born in Bristol, CT, Michael J. Sahno began writing stories at an early age. He obtained a Master of Arts in English from Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY at the age of 24, going on to become a full-time professional writer in 2001. Sahno is the author of Miles of Files, Jana, and Brothers’ Hand.


Scarlett Savage

Three generations of Applebaum women— in order, recovering alcoholic Ava, hippie Suzanne, and Goth Molly— in one house for two weeks brings about the chance for each of them to stand up for who they really are, once and for all.
18-year-old Molly, with her tattooed, pierced, bleached blond friend Brandon in tow, has revealed that she has an important announcement to make before she heads off to Vassar. 36-year-old Suzanne is convinced that history is repeating itself, and that Molly’s news will make her a 36-year-old grandmother. Ava, despite herself, develops a fervent case of baby fever.
Meanwhile, Buddy McKinley moves in to the house next door. Buddy was once Ava’s late husband’s business partner, and the man she blames for the failing of the business–which, she claims, ruined her husband’s life and “turned me into a fall-down drunk”.
However, after a little digging, Suzanne finds out that Buddy and Ava’s past goes much farther back that either has admitted . . . does Ava truly “blanking” hate Buddy, or are those rabid feelings covering up something just as intense?
When Molly finally makes her grand announcement, Suzanne reacts in a way no one, least of all herself, was prepared for. And it takes a head to head fiery confrontation to find out exactly why Suzanne’s suddenly avoiding her only child.
It’s a tale about love, truth, family, and accepting people for who they are . . . and more importantly, who they’re not.

Victoria Schwimley


Victoria was born in Jamestown, New York, and now resides in Sacramento, California with her husband, children, and grandchildren. She grew up reading, waiting anxiously for the next good book to be placed in her hands. It was only natural she would turn to writing as a hobby and later a career. She has been writing since childhood, always looking for the next story to tell. Writing is as natural a part of life for her as breathing. She loves getting to know her characters and bringing them to life. She is in as much anticipation about the ending of a story as she hopes her readers are.

Kaitlin Scott


Death, so complete, so final. It releases a torrent of raw emotion unlike any other tragic, human experience. Thus is the case for Moira, as her best friend is brutally taken from her, marking a descent from which she may never return.
Darkness clouds her mind, threatening to destroy the only remaining relationship that means anything to her.
Walk in the shoes of one vexed with a lingering sadness, that only few understand, and discover true love, appreciation, and the will to overcome.

Dean Serravalle


Dean Serravalle is the acclaimed author of Reliving Charley (Oberon Press) and most recently, Chameleon (Days). 8th House will publish his third novel, Lock 7, in the Fall of 2018 and Inanna Publications will publish his fourth novel, “Where I Fall, Where She Rises” in the Spring of 2019. He has published over thirty short stories internationally, garnering nominations for the Journey Prize of Canada and the National Magazine Award. Chameleon (Days) is a literary novel based on an author who experiences a psychotic break, allowing him to enter the fiction he is creating as he is creating it, while searching for the notorious Chameleon terrorist.

Filip Severin

Native Swede, based in Paris, France. Writes about the turbulent state of western society and its socioeconomic trends.

Book (Crowd of One): Tells the story of a young executive at an online communications firm who travels across Europe to shape public opinion through crowd manipulation strategies.


Yael Shahar

Yael Shahar – Home

After an adventurous and unattributable career in counter-terrorism, I now spend my time writing, fixing leaky pipes and studying Talmud with anyone who will sit still long enough.

Karen Stensgaard


I’m a former internal audit manager and now a full-time novelist. I love traveling, especially on ships, to explore new ports of call. When I’m not living out of a suitcase, I’m home in Philadelphia with my Danish husband and cats.

A.K. Williams


Parties are not Madeline’s thing.

Being social isn’t her thing. She’s a five-foot eight-inch industrial-strength loser. She’s invisible. She’s no one. She could drop dead in class and no one would notice.

So why does she accept an invitation — from someone she barely knows — to the party of the year?
It’s definitely not because Mark Alister is going. Popular, attractive, universally desired Mark Alister. A boy like that would never even look at a train wreck like her.

But . . . he does! He talks to her! They fall in love! And they live happily ever after. The end.

Yeah — not a chance. Maybe if she lived in a Disney movie. In reality, Madeline has walked straight into a trap — one which no amount of wishing on stars can save her from. Mark is going to make her face everything she’s been hiding from for the past seven years. And the truth about Madeline Parker could either fix her, and make her worthy of being loved . . . or it could kill her.

Or both.

Lorna Jackie Wilson

Black Butterfly Books LLC

Lorna Jackie Wilson was born on April 11, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan to Carrie Jean Wilson. Lorna has lived in Michigan most of her life, outside of U.S. Army military enlistment. At the age of four, Lorna was placed in foster care. At the age of 10, she was reunited with her mother and siblings, only to be separated and returned to foster care at the age of 13. Lorna’s journey and related circumstances surrounding foster care placement presented situational experiences that no one should ever have to face. Feeling lost and abandoned, Lorna began to write. Initially, the harsh realities of life spilled into her journals. However, the journals became a testimony to others, illustrating the life of an overcomer. In Lorna’s last and final foster care home, she was placed with Acie Lee Spraddling. Acie Lee Spraddling was the catalyst toward positive change. She was a true advocate for youth, adopting and caring for 11 children and 17 foster children. As a parent, Acie led by example and truly cared for children. Her legacy lives on through her children. Lorna’s journey continues as she gives back by speaking to youth about foster care experiences and overcoming obstacles. She has four beautiful children that support her writing and encourage its continuance. She holds master’s degrees in teaching and Information Technology. In addition to Black Butterfly: The Journey, The Victory, Lorna Jackie Wilson is the author of Babygirl: Prequel to Black Butterfly, Game Changers, and Penny Candy: The Hopscotch Trails.

Black Butterfly is a compilation of poetry that speaks to the silence of youth or individuals striving to overcome obstacles. This is a young girl’s journey through the foster care system, transformation along the journey, and illumination of real-life issues through faith-based reflections. Black Butterfly showcases circumstances that impact social and emotional development through a lens of determination. THIS IS THE JOURNEY – THE VICTORY!