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Ria M Apple


Hi there World, I hope your well. Pinky Promised which will be available on Amazon May 25, 2018 for the world to read. She is my 3rd finished novel written to date and 1st being published! It’s a lesbian fiction romance novel or lesfic for short. It takes 21 year old Mia Alfred on a crazy ride with her passenger 20 year old Gen Bennett. What could possibly go wrong? Much Love xo -Ria

AJ Colher

Jesse Minkin is a study-mad Harvard hopeful. Anything that could possibly distract him from this goal is just petty teenage drama to him, including romance. His two best friends since childhood—the popular jock and the intimidating bad boy—have created the perfect shield for him, behind which he can safely practice his nerdy ways without harassment from bullies. However, when he meets the openly gay target of a violent hate crime, Jesse begins to see beyond his textbooks; perhaps there’s educational merit in petty teenage drama after all, and not all learning leads to Harvard.

Joan Dempsey


When eighty-five-year-old art professor Ludka Zeilonka’s grandson is among a group of gay teachers fired over concerns that they’re silencing Christian kids in the classroom, Ludka is drawn into the political firestorm—as both sides battle to preserve their respective rights to free speech, the hatred on display raises the specter of her WWII past, a past she’s spent a lifetime trying to forget.

J.S. Edge


If his sixteen years experience has taught Mikey Alston only one thing, it’s this: Life is too damn cruel to face alone… The ice took our car off the road. The tree wrecked it. Tate and I didn’t make it out unscathed. My parents didn’t make it out alive… I was eleven, and that’s the day my whole world was ripped away from me. My brother, David, was twenty-one. All the family I had left, I needed him. He didn’t need me. David sent me away. Packed me off far across the country from my hometown in Devon – from Tate and everything I’d ever known, to live with grandparents I’d never known. Six years is a long time. But now I’m back. (Not through choice. Not mine, anyway). And Tate’s still here. Only… he’s not the boy I left behind. He won’t speak to me. Won’t speak to anyone. The one upshot of my return to a life I no longer fit and he’s letting me down spectacularly. Well, Tate, here’s the thing: I’m not giving up on you. I’m not everybody else. You can’t shut me out. You need me – we need each other. And we will be friends again. Best friends. I’m decided. It’s decided.

Nico J. Genes


My name is Nico and, I am a writer and just published my second novel Reverie Girl in The Reverie series. The first one, Magnetic Reverie, has been published in 2017. Besides the novel writing, I am also running a blog where I talk about life issues, trying to be the friend that most everyone would need at a certain point in their life.

Magnetic Reverie – One Woman’s Struggle Between her Dreams and the Reality of Love After Newly Discovering her Sexuality.

Reverie Girl – The Sensual Journey of a Young Woman Falling Madly in Love with The Girl of her Dreams.


Beth Loure


38-year-old divorcee Becca Davis believes she’ll never find love again. But then she meets personal trainer Lia Greene, who sweeps her off her feet. Becca’s estranged 19-year-old daughter, Rachel, doesn’t know about her mom’s secret lover, or does she?

Benson C. Satterfield

In the darkness of space there’s a planet whose name is synonymous with death. Tales from long ago speak of a plague that kills young and old, a killer of brutal efficiency. The planet Surrey may be the undoing of newly recruited Special Judiciary Agent Riley. Just a few months after Vanessa’s betrayal, Riley is sent to a space station in orbit of Surrey. Someone has been dipping into the armory and making a killing on the black market. With an unwanted guest in tow Riley has to track down who on the station is the arms dealer, but an unscheduled trip down to the plague-ridden planet turns her investigation into a fight for survival. Can Riley make it off the planet before contracting the plague? How does this all tie into the missing weapons? It’s a race against time to answer these questions and more in this action packed continuation of Riley’s saga to find herself.

Leigh Vining


Corey Preston has just opened his own gym. He should be proud, but frustrations with his family and his ex-boyfriend keep him from feeling fully secure. Nick Sanders is running away from his life the old-fashioned way–hopping a train. With all his bridges burned and no idea where he’s headed or what he’ll find there, he ends up in Redding, California, and in Corey’s life. Corey finds himself intrigued with the mysterious stranger, and hopes to forge a friendship with the young man with the boy next door charm and good looks. As Nick begins letting his guard down and sharing fragments of his life back home where he’d been living a lie and making choices he’s not proud of, Corey dreams of more. He falls fast for the handsome stranger, but Nick’s baggage and Corey’s chaotic life threaten to keep them from happiness.

Patrick Witz


“Through Button Eyes” is a multi-genre compilation of fifteen previously unpublished short stories that will most assuredly take readers on a thrilling emotional roller-coaster ride of excitement, fear, laughter and tears. The stories range from tender coming of age to sci-fi adventure; romantic moments to brutal murder; magical fantasy to family tragedy… and one humorous zombie. This exciting anthology embraces a spectrum of genres where the seven authors skillfully integrated one seemingly innocuous plot point into every story, a button! (Genre Blends: Science-Fiction, Thriller, Dystopia, Fantasy, Horror-Comedy, Speculative-Fiction, Swashbuckler, Action/Adventure, Tragedy, Literary Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Memoir, Coming of Age, LGBT). “Through Button Eyes” was selected from thousands of national and international entries as one of the five medal finalists in the Anthology Division of the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (NGIBA). Authors: Patrick Witz, Annemarie Olsen, David Loofbourrow, Davin L. Kent, Jane Haworth, Evelina Dunn, Kathleen Coleman

Patrick Witz has from his youth always been fascinated with science, strange discoveries, technology, earth and other worldly places presented in National Geographic and Popular Mechanics. He is a steadfast believer that knowledge and imagination are a powerful combination and readily admits he will forever be a student of the arts, be it creative writing, photograph, or any other artistic interest or endeavor. In his writing, Patrick likes to blend genres and his eclectic nature leads him into a labyrinth of fictional paths. Patrick’s writing goal is to bring his written words to life in reader’s minds… therein to strum emotional cords; sculpt intriguing characters; create captivating dialogue; and paint intricate colorful settings. One can say Patrick’s diversity is the spice of his writing – sometimes sweet, every now and again bitter, often mixed with a sprinkle of humor, a pinch of peculiar flavor, and finished off with an unsuspecting or emotional twist.