Avid4 Inspiration

Jeannette M. Gagan, PhD


Two books I have authored are: JOURNEYING: WHERE SHAMANISM AND SPIRITUALITY MEET and GROW UP YOUR EGO: TEN SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED STAGES TO SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL MATURITY . Grow Up Your Ego was a FINALIST in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Book Award Contest and was a WINNER in the self-help category of the prestigious 2015 Eric Hoffer Book Award Contest. Soon to be published is my third book: THE PARADOXICAL RETURN OF THE FEMININE: RAISING AWARENESS AND CREATING PEACE.


Joseph Willson


My first book-Through the Mind’s Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery is a candid and honest depiction of my thought process while completing an addictions treatment program in a facility in the downtown east side of Vancouver. Upon entering the facility at the age of forty-nine simply because my only other choice would have been that of a pine box, and progressing now to two and a half years clean and sober, this book covers some of my past that relates to the entire recovery process, and in turn my subsequent continued recovery and all of the positives of living a life free from alcohol. Detailing the difficulties I did encounter along the way, the people, the priorities and most of all the happiness I have now found.