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Joshua Grant

Evil is rising.  Festival cruise ship Emerald Rose takes a lone survivor aboard after a daring rescue.  But only too late do they realize the survivor isn’t who, or what, he appears to be, and that his intentions are less than kind or grateful.  Join the hapless survivors as they face off against true evil in this survivor horror novel by Joshua Grant.  Available now on Amazon and Kindle!  Click here to go to the book landing page.


Stuart Aken


Stuart is published in fantasy, scifi (his most recent book, War Over Dust, is due out 2nd September), romantic thriller, medical memoir and horror, as well as a few anthologies.  He lives in the UK and also donates a portion of his profits to charity.

Justin Bienvenue


I am an indie author and poet from Massachusetts. I am diverse in several different genres but mainly write horror and poetry. I graduated high school in 2006 with a background in Creative Writing which has definitely come in handy for me as a writer. I have written five books. I have also written several stories and poems which have been published in anthologies. When not writing novels I also write short stories and drabbles(100 word stories). I enjoy helping out my fellow indie authors by interviewing them on my page IAT: Indie Author Tactics. When I’m not writing I enjoy watching football and baseball, enjoy the outdoors and reading up and learning about history as well as Egyptology and Ufology. I also have a write Hundred Year Old Horror, a Horror Blog.
Website: http://jbienvenue.webs.com/
Horror Landing Page: http://subscribepage.com/HorrorPoems


Lincoln Cole


I am a science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror author who likes to write action packed stories. My favorite authors are Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, and Isaac Asimov. My two primary horror series are: World of Shadows and World on Fire. The World on Fire series is out and available now, and the World of Shadows series comes out starting October 24th, 2017 through early 2018.

Harvey Click


Ghosts, vampires, demons, serial killers, and other deadly denizens of the dark haunt this collection of chilling short stories by horror master Harvey Click.
•An unhappy and unloved boy summons a substitute mother—with sharp teeth.
•Two teenage boys learn it’s better to leave a spooky abandoned house alone.
•Can ghosts kill? Denise is about to find out the hard way.
•When her creative writing teacher offers to teach Kathy how to write a horror story, she finds herself trapped inside one.
•A man discovers he may be a killer, though he can’t remember the murders.
•A man with a terrible past, a wizard from the dark side of the moon, and a pitchfork perform a dark drama of murder and madness.
•A time traveler attempts to bring his dead fiancée back to life.
•Many people wish to be ageless, but what happens when an immortal woman begins to lose her mind?
•An artist literally draws a dead woman out of her grave.
•An elderly woman seeks to recover her forgotten past, but some things are better left forgotten.
•A petty swindler tries to buy good luck but ends up with the sort of luck nobody would want.

William Dalphin


Don’t Look Away is a collection of 35 short horror stories by William Dalphin originally contributed to the NoSleep subreddit. Hauntings, psychopaths, murder and mayhem, bugs, beasts, and things unexplainable await. With frightening illustrations by Emily Holt and David Romero. Best enjoyed late at night.

Angel Gelique


I am a recovering attorney, aspiring writer. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life is too short to give up on your goals and aspirations. You are never too old to fulfill your dreams. I have a splendidly warped and twisted mind that I especially enjoy using to create disturbing tales of horror. However, I like challenging myself to write stories in other genres, as well. I strive to create characters that are not always likable, but realistic and memorable. I try to write thought-provoking stories. I am most grateful to everyone who gives my stories a try. I welcome honest feedback and constructive criticism.

Janet Leigh Green


My first book, Unspeakable Acts, was published last year. I am currently working on a rewrite and re-edit, due to poor editing.The book is still available on amazon, but I hope to re-release later thus year. Book-2, Despicable Witch, is a work in progress, I have around 60k works so far. These are a part of the McQueen Investigation Series. There will be 4 books in the series.

Abdelouahab Hammoudi


Abdelouahab Hammoudi is a writer,screenwriter and filmmaker. He has several works to his credit.
In 1994, his whole film production won “the town of Brussels International Medal.”
In 2007, his script ” La lune ne se lève que la nuit” was made into film.

He writes both in English and French.


– The golden nightingale (Thriller)
-Lamalif and the toad skin hat (Epic fantasy)
-STONY I (Horror)

Books in french:
– La Nuit des Blachangas 2006(novel in French) Editions Le Manuscrit Paris (France)
– Le Rossignol doré 2007 (novel in French) Editions Le Manuscrit Paris (France)
– Le Trésor de L’Amenokal 2008 (novel in French) Editions Le Manuscrit Paris (France)
– La Lanterne de l’Espoir 2007 (Essay in French) Editions Le Manuscrit Paris (France)

DJ Hart


Mason City: The Journal of Austin Sommers is the origin’s story of the zombie outbreak in Mason City. Years before the global zombie outbreak, there was a young neuroscientist named Austin Sommers. His recorded struggles in San Pedro give a mild glimpse to the bleak future of Mason City and the globe.


Yawatta Hosby


With a desire to escape every day life, Yawatta Hosby creates stories. She’s always had a fascination with psychology, so she likes to focus on the inner-struggles within her characters. Yawatta is also an avid reader, favorite genres: mystery, thriller, horror, and women’s fiction.

Theresa Jacobs


Theresa Jacobs was a born and raised in Canada. She has been writing her entire life but just recently began publishing her work. She has written poetry, short stories, a novella is currently working on two novels simultaneously.
She works full time in retail furniture. When she is not at work she spends her time, reading, writing, exercising her dog, and binge watching TV shows, with her longtime partner and fiancé.
She is also a big Movie buff and a SciFi Nerd at heart.


F.R. Jameson


Husband, father, author, blogger and man who seems capable of holding seven streams of nonsense in his mind at any one moment.

I’ve had two novels of supernatural fiction published, ‘The Wannabes’ and ‘Hell’s Secrets’, both of which are available on Amazon. I have various other projects on the go, in particular a huge story it will take me at least a trilogy to write, and which – as you might imagine – if taking up a huge amount of my time and energy right now.

‘The Wannabes’ is freshly published in a Kindle version this year, and will be joined by numerous short stories. The first of which – ‘Foliage’ – is already published, and sits right on the crossing point of my interests in science fiction and horror.

L.J. Kane


Snatch Girl
Girl missing: What if you’re with her all the way to the end…if it ends…? Will Ellie survive? Would you?
Snatched from her sadistic captor’s lair by his own getaway driver, eighteen-year-old student Ellie realises that she’s still kidnapped. As the enigmatic Darren Broderick drives off into the night with the terrified girl beside him, the sadistic Jon Braddon is not far behind.
Thrown together, on opposing sides, Darren and Ellie must stay one step ahead of Braddon’s twisted mind, and Ellie must resist Darren’s Aussie charms to the end. Darren Broderick needs the ransom, Braddon needs a victim. And he will fight to the death to get her back.
The shocking, fast-paced, thriller/horror that will hook you from the very first line.

David Kummer


My name is David Kummer, and I live in Madison, Indiana, which is a small town on the Ohio River. There’s lots of history and creepy places, which have influenced my writings. In my book SHE, most of the places and buildings are based off similar settings here in my home town, although I’ve changed them so you wouldn’t know really if I didn’t tell you.

I would love to get to know you better, so email me at davidkummer7@gmail.com or check out my blog at davidkummer.com. I’m always glad to give out review copies (always most of the time), but love it even more if you pick up a copy to buy. They’re all cheap. Reviews are super appreciated.

For real, message me either on there or here. I love getting to know people and talking books, sports, favorite foods (mmmm) or whatever your area of interest is.

Konn Lavery


Reality: Part 1 of Mental Damnation
A military dictatorship, politically-driven gangs and their guardians infected and on a hunt for her, Krista has limited options for survival: Does she fend for her life in the City of Renascence, or risk leaving everything behind and enter the uncharted realm of the underworld?

Troy McCombs


Troy McCombs has been writing since the young age of nine, when his third grade teacher had her students write a short story for class credit. He was hooked instantly, and knew that’s what he wanted to do with his life. As a very frightened child and teen, he took special solace in the horror genre, often dreaming up scary worlds filled with imaginary monsters in order to deal with a crippling anxiety disorder he’s had all his life. He also writes coming-of-age dramas and screenplays. His favorite authors include Lovecraft and Stephen King. He’s even got posters of them on his wall, there to inspire him whenever he needs some extra motivation.

Aside from writing, Troy enjoys working out, playing guitar, reading, watching movies–and hoping to produce some, one day–and spending lots of time with his four-legged friend, Lolly, in West Virginia.

Link to my books on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_8?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=troy+mccombs&sprefix=troy+mcc%2Caps%2C143&crid=1Q8ZR54KL2U93

Andrea Merchak


I love movies and books of horror since I was a kid, especially when it involves suspense, mystery, crime and supernatural events as well. Now I write these stories.
Bloody Legends tells the story of is a vicious serial killer who sees his most sadistic and morbid fantasies come forth in a compulsive desire to perpetrate the most violent and gory murder crimes staging famous urban legends.


Micky Neilson


Years ago Brandon Frye was bitten, cursed to transform into a primal killing machine under the light of the full moon… until he met Celine, who introduced him to experimental pills meant to suppress the turning.

Now, after a terrible tragedy has taken Celine’s life, Brandon boards a cruise ship bound for Alaska, intending to venture into the cold white north and never return.

But when Brandon meets Ginny, he gains a second chance at love. Nevertheless, circumstances align against him: a storm is building, a hunter is on his trail, and the pills that are meant to prevent the turning…

Are about to trigger it.

Peter Ravenscroft

The Ravenscroft Book of Horror Stories

Six macabre, malevolent and murderous tales from the pen of Peter Ravenscroft.

Dare you encounter…

The electrifying terror of a séance in “The Freshers’ Phantom”?

Celebrity infatuation taken to gruesome extremes in “An Evening With The Stars”?

The grotesque sibling rivalry of “Rose”?

Revenge and retribution in “Way Off Track”?

A father’s haunting grief in “For Bradley: In Memoriam”?

The dark selfishness of childhood in “The Free Gift”?

Six tales to freeze the blood on dark winter nights!

Praise for Peter Ravenscroft

“Ravenscroft recounts his tales with erudition and classical flair”
amazon.co.uk review

“An Edgar Allan Poe of our time”
amazon.co.uk review


Erik Henry Vick


Erik Henry Vick is an indie author who happens to be disabled by an autoimmune disease (also known as his personal monster). He writes to hang on to the few remaining shreds of his sanity. His current favorite genres to write are dark fantasy and horror. He is currently finishing a collection of short stories titled Devils, and his second novel.

He lives in Western New York with his wife, Supergirl, their son, a Rottweiler named after a god of thunder, and two extremely psychotic cats. He will eventually get around to taking and posting an actual photo of himself. Probably soon. Maybe.

In the meantime, he’d like to invite you to check out his blog: erikhenryvick.com, twitter: https://bit.ly/4ehvt his Amazon author pages (USA: https://bit.ly/4ehvusa or UK: https://bit.ly/4ehvuk), on Goodreads: bit.ly/4ehvgr or on Facebook: https//bit.ly/4ehvfb. He’d love to hear from you.

Matthew Williams


In 1629 something visited the parish of Feckenham. The events that followed were so terrifying that they never gained their place in the history books.
Now in 2008, something seems to be wrong with Marie Watson’s young children.But is she?

The Shady Corner
A shady corner in life can be a dark and mysterious place, but in the shady corners of the mind the mystery
Her father won’t believe her and her mother is nearing the end of her tether.
Marie feels utterly alone.
and darkness know no bounds!
In a struggle with his conscience and haunted by images of murder David is given a choice to right the wrongs of his past.
Can he cheat fate and avoid his future? Or is the evil that dwells within him more than it seems?
Only one thing is certain
Fate can be cruel, but true evil can be brutal!