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Christopher K. Coleman

Elvis Encounters: The Nashville Connection

Author of six books; some deal with true accounts of the Paranormal, some with the Civil War and some about both. My latest, Ambrose Bierce and the Period of Honorable Strife, chronicles the pivotal period of one of America’s greatest satirists and short story writers. I have eclectic tastes in fiction and non-fiction ranging from History & Folklore to Fantasy, Sci-Fi.

Tim Fleming

JFK and the End of America is the culmination of my 50 years of research into the Kennedy assassination. The book makes the case that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the president. Rather, an elaborate plot, concocted and executed by a sinister, covert cabal, took Kennedy’s life. The plotters who stood to gain the most from JFK’s death—Lyndon Johnson and Allen Dulles—were abetted by powerful interests in government, business, and the military. Kennedy was moving America toward a permanent peace state, threatening the national security/military establishment whose existence is dependent on a permanent war state. Since 1963, we have been at war or under a threat of war, spending nearly six of every ten tax dollars on defense. The book draws a straight line from Dallas to the political and cultural divide which afflicts us today. JFK and the End of America is my first work of non-fiction.


Annette Johnson

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I am a life long jazz fan and based this book on an interview with Charles Freeman Lee, 1950s bebop jazzman – piano and trumpet. My book is called A Jazzman’s Tale and tells the story of Freeman’s life as he tries to make in on trumpet in NYC, falling in love with another jazzman’s wife. The book is replete Freeman’s jazz slang and has the authentic sound of jazz. The book is a screenplay memoir, easy to read, funny in places and contains the full text of the Interview on ajazzmanstale.com as well of vintage photographs of Wilberforce Collegians at jazz band at the oldest HBCU in the USA, Wilberforce University. Readers will learn a lot about jazz history and specific jazz tune if they care to listen as they read this one-of-a-kind authentic look at jazz.

Barbara Ann Mojica


Barbara Ann Mojica is a retired educator who has spent forty years teaching in the fields of elementary and special education as well as being a principal and special education administrator. Currently, she writes biweekly historical pieces under the banner “Passages” for The Columbia Insider, a Columbia County, NY news magazine, while writing children’s books for her award-winning series Little Miss HISTORY Travels to. Ever wonder about life in the Ice Age? Little Miss HISTORY travels back in time to LA BREA TAR PITS & MUSEUM in her eighth adventure of the award-winning “Little Miss HISTORY Travels to” children’s book series. Springs of liquid petroleum and a great lake of pitch, filled with exploding bubbles, once dotted the landscape of modern Los Angeles. At La Brea scientists discovered fossils of plants and animals like mammoths, sloths, and saber-tooth tigers that lived there thousands of years ago. The George C. Page Museum contains a glass-enclosed laboratory nicknamed the “Fish Bowl” where visitors can see scientists at work cleaning and categorizing current fossil discoveries. Visitors will discover wonders as they meander through the Pleistocene gardens, view an Ice Age film, and gaze down into the pits – but Be careful! Watch out for those tar seeps.

I am a retired educator and historian who is committed to the objective of making learning about historical people and places both fun and educational.