Avid4 Dark Fantasy

M.G. Darwish


M.G. Darwish is an award nominated author who writes dark, twisted and action-packed fantasy. He tries his best not to base his characters on anyone he knows in real life to avoid that extra weird conversation about how they were brutalized and killed in the book. Oh and he’s terrified of a penguin uprising more than ghosts and demons.

He is best known for his Secret of the Moonlight which was featured on Wattpad.

L.E. Harrison


L.E. Harrison is the author of the contemporary fantasy trilogy the Children Of Corvus, as well as a collection of previously published poems and short stories. A lifelong avid reader and lover of genre fiction—from science fiction to paranormal romance, and everything in between—she’s inspired by stories that blur boundaries, and by the authors who manage to do it exceptionally well. She lives in an hundred-sixty-year-old farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania, where she is busy working on the next chapter in the universe of Soluna’s children.

Baileigh Higgins


South African writer and coffee addict, Baileigh Higgins, lives in the Free State with hubby and best friend Brendan and loves nothing more than lazing on the couch with pizza and a bad horror movie.
Her unhealthy obsession with the end of the world has led to numerous books on the subject and a secret bunker only she knows the location of.  Check out her website at baileighhiggins07.wixsite.com/mybooks.

Jeanne McAtee


Tess MacMillan is a talented storyteller and a student in the third grade at Homer Higgins Elementary School. After a new boy moves to town and joins her class, Tess discovers she has a terrifying problem. The new kid, Dean Marks, follows Tess everywhere, hounding her to tell him more and more stories. The more stories Tess tells Dean, the fatter he gets—and the skinnier she gets. Now he intends to force her to give him her secret soul stories. What can Tess do to get Dean out of her life before he gobbles up her very soul? She will need courage, ancient magic, and the help of special friends to save her from the monsters who hunt her relentlessly—to save her from the story gobblers.

Jeanne McAtee writes children’s stories, novels and poetry. She has been a bilingual, multicultural storyteller for over twenty years and is a member of Rocky Mountain Storytelling. She is an English as Second Language teacher. She lives in magnificent Denver, Colorado where she enjoys mountain vistas, amazing people, and fascinating arts and cultural events.

Sharon McDonnell


Hi my name is Sharon, My book is called In the Shadows, it is about Kiki, a ordinary happy teenager, the only thing that marks Kiki as different is her complete belief in her imaginary friend Gabe, but Gabe is gone now,and in his stead are vile creatures from her worse nightmares.

Dexter Morgenstern


I’m an author of five independent novels and working on numbers six and seven. My most recently published book this year is the start to a new series I’m writing called The Pious Insurrection. Book one, The Reaping, explores several protagonists of different religions, with each religion bestowing different magical properties but enforcing different laws. These laws often cause each faction to clash, either among themselves or each other. This book particularly explores two young neophytes as they are forced to conduct a violent mission called The Reaping, but in doing so, question their own morals in the process. There’s magic, monsters, politics, and lots of action. While it’s a huge subject, The Reaping has been kept small enough to acquaint readers with the world and understand the main characters, without committing to a huge epic right off the bat.

Maverick Moses

Karma’s Children

Maverick Moses has been writing stories as far back as he can remember and specializes in young adult supernatural thrillers because of his own love of darkness and the creatures of the night. He is a believer in ghosts and spirits thanks to his own experiences with mysterious and otherworldly beings. Taking inspirations from both his own life and the lives of those around him, Maverick strives to create thrilling worlds and suspenseful stories that will pull your shivering body in and keep you guessing about what will happen next. From Maverick Moses, comes a suspenseful series, Karma’s Children, that will not only make your hair stand on end but keep you shaking for more. Feel like you’re living in the pages of this fourteen episode series, and follow along as you join three siblings on their thrilling journey to discover who and what they really are.

Karma’s Children is an episodic series where each episode is of chapter length and cover one big plot line. Each episode ends in an enticing cliffhanger and will lead into the next episode.

David Oliver


The Great Hearts is a coming of age, dark fantasy that features cannibals, demonic monsters, epic sword fights, strange magics and a gigantic panther. If that sounds good to you, read on!

Calidan Darkheart is an Imperator. The voice of the Emperor in the wild. A secretive and dangerous job, hunting down those deemed a threat to the Emperor’s rule…whether monster or man. Twisted and bitter, he heads down a dark path to hunt a nightmare from his youth.
This is his story.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega


The Fall of Lilith is an epic and dark fantasy about angels for an 18+ audience.

“I merely assisted you in doing what you desired all along.”

So says Lilith, the most exquisite of the angels. The two most important pledges an angel makes to God are those of obedience and celibacy, and dire consequences await any who break their oaths.

At first, the angels are happy in their celestial home, learning and exploring together. As they grow older, though, Lilith begins to question these pledges, which now seem arbitrary and stifling. Her challenge of the status quo leads to disagreement, jealousy, and strife among her peers. As the arguing and acrimony grow, lines are drawn and sides are chosen. Is war inevitable?

Filled with robust characters, incredible landscapes, and exciting action, The Fall of Lilith is an epic tale of seduction, betrayal, and revenge.

Free Will involves asking difficult questions and making hard choices, choices that require strength and sacrifice. These decisions can tear apart friendships and cause rifts between allies.

They can even threaten the foundations of Heaven.

D J Reid


Shadowfest is a dark epic fantasy thriller set in an imagined ancient Celtic world. It’s suitable for adults both young and old. It’s Summer’s End in the Holy City, where nobody and nothing are quite what they seem. The border with the Otherworld is razor thin. Brona the Apothecary and Aurelian the Investigator set out to hunt down a malevolent spirit. But darker forces are plotting to seize power. Morven the Mage’s quest for revenge nine years earlier will come back to haunt everyone. And Death may be the least of their worries … Brona the Apothecary is a suspect. Someone has murdered a Temple Guard in the Holy City. Someone who looks like her. She sets out to hunt down the culprit. It’s nine days till Shadowfest – the Night of the Spirits. Not the best time to be tracking a malevolent ghost. But who can match her secret powers in a City where Mages are banned? She’s about to find out.

Jocelyn Tollefson



A dark and compelling, fast-paced story about fighting and accepting what destiny has in store. Full of hope and despair as Kyra Parker’s loved ones try to save her from one of the most ancient and powerful demons in existence.

Igor Valec

Igor Valec

An Empire fallen. A kingdom beset. A family divided. When King Lortar discovers a savage cult performing heathen rites, he’s forced to battle a foe he never imagined: his own son. Surrounded by enemies, Lortar is trapped in a world of treachery and betrayal, where mercy is vice and malice is glory.