Avid4 Dark Fantasy

M.G. Darwish


M.G. Darwish is an award nominated author who writes dark, twisted and action-packed fantasy. He tries his best not to base his characters on anyone he knows in real life to avoid that extra weird conversation about how they were brutalized and killed in the book. Oh and he’s terrified of a penguin uprising more than ghosts and demons.

He is best known for his Secret of the Moonlight which was featured on Wattpad.

Baileigh Higgins


South African writer and coffee addict, Baileigh Higgins, lives in the Free State with hubby and best friend Brendan and loves nothing more than lazing on the couch with pizza and a bad horror movie.
Her unhealthy obsession with the end of the world has led to numerous books on the subject and a secret bunker only she knows the location of.  Check out her website at baileighhiggins07.wixsite.com/mybooks.

David Oliver


The Great Hearts is a coming of age, dark fantasy that features cannibals, demonic monsters, epic sword fights, strange magics and a gigantic panther. If that sounds good to you, read on!

Calidan Darkheart is an Imperator. The voice of the Emperor in the wild. A secretive and dangerous job, hunting down those deemed a threat to the Emperor’s rule…whether monster or man. Twisted and bitter, he heads down a dark path to hunt a nightmare from his youth.
This is his story.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega


The Fall of Lilith is an epic and dark fantasy about angels for an 18+ audience.

“I merely assisted you in doing what you desired all along.”

So says Lilith, the most exquisite of the angels. The two most important pledges an angel makes to God are those of obedience and celibacy, and dire consequences await any who break their oaths.

At first, the angels are happy in their celestial home, learning and exploring together. As they grow older, though, Lilith begins to question these pledges, which now seem arbitrary and stifling. Her challenge of the status quo leads to disagreement, jealousy, and strife among her peers. As the arguing and acrimony grow, lines are drawn and sides are chosen. Is war inevitable?

Filled with robust characters, incredible landscapes, and exciting action, The Fall of Lilith is an epic tale of seduction, betrayal, and revenge.

Free Will involves asking difficult questions and making hard choices, choices that require strength and sacrifice. These decisions can tear apart friendships and cause rifts between allies.

They can even threaten the foundations of Heaven.

Jocelyn Tollefson



A dark and compelling, fast-paced story about fighting and accepting what destiny has in store. Full of hope and despair as Kyra Parker’s loved ones try to save her from one of the most ancient and powerful demons in existence.