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Amira Awaad


Amira Awaad is an author and academic dean. She enjoys reading crime, mystery, fantasy and sci-fi. As a product of international upbringing, Awaad’s writing is inspired by the diverse languages and peoples of the world. They intertwine with her ancient soul and pour out in her ebooks, “Silently Yours, Lucienne”, “Living in the Shadows of the Pyramids”, “The Ankhs” series, and the “Asha Renu” series. In them, Awaad carefully folds a piece of herself, opened for readers to see.

Mark Bierman



Tragedy… heartache… how much more can Tyler Montgomery and John Webster take? This missions trip, the “healing” one, has only added fresh layers of pain. Construction of an orphanage in Haiti’s northwest… yes. But a doomed rescue operation, human traffickers, human anomalies, extreme personal danger… risk of death? They hadn’t signed up for those.

Born and raised on a farm near Brockville, Ontario, Mark Bierman’s childhood consisted of chores, riding horses, snowmobile races across open fields, fishing trips to a local lake, and many other outdoor adventures. He was also an avid reader of both fiction and non. Transitioning towards adulthood also meant moving from the farm and into large urban areas that introduced this “country boy” to life in the big cities. Drawing on his many experiences as a private investigator and later a Correctional Officer, Mark combines his unique experiences and imagination to create his stories and characters.

Marília Bonelli

I’ve been writing for years, before I even had any dreams of somehow publishing books. I probably have more ideas than I can ever put to paper (I calculated, it would take longer than my lifetime). I love writing science fiction, fantasy, light-hearted mysteries, and sometimes things that are a little of each. I have parallel dimensions (In Dreams), dark forests permeated by magical creatures and a world where death isn’t an immediate end (Grace), and “fake” magicians just hiding in plain sight (Cameras Tell No Lies). The stories and their characters are usually a little bit weird, a little bit dark, and a little bit hopeful, and anyone who can relate to that probably will find a kindred spirit somewhere in those pages.

Jonathan J Bowerman


The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: The Beginning, is book one in the Hidden Elves Series. Stepping into her new home, Jasper had no idea her life would change forever. Being a typical 12-year-old girl with a typical 12-year-old imagination, she is never short of new adventures. Although the adventure she would soon embark on would change her more than she knew. Join Jasper and her team of majestic elves as they seek to save Whisper-Feet from the treacherous villain Veranon. High flying excitement, dark and dangerous caves, magical weapons, and beautiful realms all await her the moment she touches the Great Willow tree. The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: The Beginning is sure to keep your heart pumping and your mind racing!

A J Britnell


Andrea J Britnell is an independent author living in West Sussex, England. ​ As a reader, Andrea has a broad taste in literature but when she came to write her debut novel, her love of science fiction and real science led to the creation of EVAC Ignition. ​ “EVAC Ignition is a near future, fast paced, space adventure, exploring the impact of our commercial ventures as we finally colonize the Moon and beyond. I’m always fascinated by the little things in a sci-fi film or documentary, the down to earth, gritty bits of space life the really tell the story. I hope I’m around when the first tourists take a trip to the stars, maybe I’ll even get a chance to see the Earth from space.”

RL Bull

The apocalypse has already happened. Humanity fought, and won, but paid a heavy price. No one expected it to happen again. A brutal virus is spreading across the divided country- it’s cause unknown. All hope seems to lie in the capital- Carrion City- the last standing defence against an invisible plague. But as survivors flock to the city walls, it seems that not everyone has chosen the same side. Not everyone wants humanity to survive this time. With humanity teetering on the edge of extinction, a group of strangers must band together to uncover the truth and fight for the very survival of their species.

Patrick Canning


The Colonel and the Bee is an exciting coming of age/adventure story in which a peculiar explorer and downtrodden acrobat travel the globe on a building-sized hot air balloon, racing against a menagerie of deadly treasure hunters to solve a riddle and locate the precious artifact it promises. Around the World in Eighty Days meets Wizard of Oz, or as one reviewer put it, “Lara Croft, steampunk style.”

Martin Dolan

Retired, I write for a hobby, but hope to sell enough books to break even some day. THE STALLIONS OF HEAVEN, an adventure-romance. RETREATING WITH STINKY FEET, a book of short stories and poems. Both books are available on Amazon, Barnes Noble, Google, etc.

Jes Drew


I am a self-published author of nine books and counting. There’s my YA superhero trilogy: The Time I Saved the Day, The Time I Saved a Damsel in Distress, and The Time I Saved the World. Then there’s my YA paranormal trilogy: Wolf Claw, Wolf Curse, and Wolf Cure. I also have an NA spy duology: The Bachelor Missions and In the Rogue. Finally, I have a new YA adventure series beginning with Castaways. I am a homeschool graduate and Captain America (Steve Rogers) is my muse. That is all.

Gabriel Elmahrek

Gabriel Bacopa has been called one of the best authors of the 21st century. “This Generation’s John Steinbeck.” “The most prescient author of the 21st century.” He was born to a Palestinian Muslim father and an Israeli Jewish mother in the Suburbs of Orange County, CA.


Esther T. Jones


A voracious reader, Esther T. Jones has been writing stories in her head since she was five. She currently resides in the United States, and enjoys gardening and music. At present, Jones is working on her second novel: Thorunn

Adventure! Treachery! Danger on the High Seas! After a pirate attack leaves Tedenbarr stranded in the Eastern Kingdom, he embarks on an arduous, harrowing journey home with only his wit, and will to survive many trials. For friendship, love, and country, Tedenbarr must succeed!

J.A. Kalis

Travelling, learning new languages and cultures are my passions. Those passions and my love of adventure are the key elements that inspire me to write my novels which I publish under a pen name J.A. Kalis. The way I write, I want to pull the reader into the story, suck them right into the world I have created, make them experience the adventure, the danger, the action but also the beauty of the unique, often exotic, locations where all the action takes place, and learn something new about the people who live there. So if that’s what you are looking for in a novel, try one of mine.

Stephen Lomer



Typos are lethal to 98% of the population. Be thankful Typo Squad is on patrol …

Richard Shonnary was a Typo Squad legend. He had a gift for seeking out and destroying errorist cells, and was almost singlehandedly responsible for bringing about the end of errorism. But one night, a single errant bullet fired by his brother prematurely ended his career.

Convinced to come out of self-imposed retirement after five years, Richard unknowingly gives rise to his greatest enemy — Anton Nym. Will he and his new partner be able to stop this latest threat before deadly typos are unleashed upon an unwitting world?

Aurora Mandeville

To Explain (Or Not To Explain >.>)

Currently living in colorful Colorado, Aurora is working hard at getting all of her ideas out to the public. With the aid of music, reading, some art, and friends, she’s going to get this done. Yes, there are many genres she plans to be under, but that’s because those stories are still in the writing process, along with every other story that needs work. Happy reading!!

Anil Manoharan

My book is of theme adventure-romance, Its about Nil who is an ex advisor who falls in love with Susan whom he had never met but only read her letters for her lover Melvin. Will Nil be able to make Susan as his wife ?

Axel Matfin


I’ve been writing seriously since I was 15 and publishing my own work since 2012. I started with ‘zines and the moved on to do a pulp fiction action adventure crime novel series called The Bartender. The books take the titular character and explore a world of genres. I have another series called Lazlo, which follows the exploits of globe trotting super operative Lazlo. I’ve finally built a body of work that I feel comfortable presenting to the world so check it out!

Sarah R. Molder

I’m a first time author. Proud Hufflepuff. I love dogs, playing video games and watching a lot of movies and tv shows. I also have a YouTube channel, Timeknights. Which I make video of my favorite shows and games.

Summary of my book. At the start of the story, in the land of Avera, Princess Cassandra becomes Queen in a painful and heartbreaking moment. She loses both of her brothers on the battlefield and now was the Queen of Gardondra, home of the Dragons. Unknown to her, her brothers were alive and taken prisoner by their enemy, the Magi’s. A race of magic wielding creatures whose appearance changes if they harm another. Cataclysmic Ascension is a story about adventure and friendship and the hardships of war and the love you share for one another. If you love Dragons and castles, magic and swordfights, then this is the story for you.

Franca Ogbonnaya

Hi everyone! Ever since I was a child, I wanted to write about fantasy, science fiction and adventures! It didn’t take long for me to realize that writing is very therapeutic especially when one is feeling moody. I currently have two works published; Betrayal of Blood (a novella of the Wielder Series) and The Novice Wielder ( a novel.) The story is about certain individuals from the three races that inhabit a world of fantasy and magic . There is conflict, betrayal, a bit of angst and lots of magic in this story. I’m currently working on the next book in this series. I hope you enjoy my books.

Doug Oudin


Doug Oudin, author of ‘Between Two Harbors, Reflections of a Catalina Island Harbormaster’ (his memoir), and ‘Five Weeks to Jamaica’, a seafaring novel, is a former harbormaster on Catalina Island. He wrote a column for the Catalina Island Newspaper for twenty-one years, and also wrote for the Log Newspaper. Now living in Grants Pass, Oregon, he has been married to the love of his life, Maureen for thirty-eight years. He has two sons, Trevor and Troy. The sea is his earthly passion.

Checkout over 50 Five Star Reviews on Amazon for my first book, a memoir, ‘Between Two Harbors’. Over 30 Five Star Reviews for 2nd book, ‘Five Weeks to Jamaica’, a seafaring adventure.

David L Ryan


After leaving the Air Force in 1967, I decided to hitchhike to Brazil. I got no farther than Mexico City, where I learned the hard way about attractive philosophy majors. After she took me for the pittance I had, I began to look for work. First teaching English and writing record reviews for local magazines, then taking up a camera, I ended up staying 10 years. When I had had enough I moved to San Francisco, working in travel, corporate, and PR photography. The next time I had had enough I moved to Boise, Idaho. Still doing photography, I decided to jot down the ideas I had for a novel. After 15 years, I had had enough again and I published it (Last Communion).

Richard Storry

As an independent author, to date I have published four stand-alone novels plus the first four volumes in an evolving saga, where readers are invited to contact me and suggest possible plot lines for their favourite characters. I am currently working on the fifth volume in the series, part of which was suggested by one of my readers! Hoping to hear from more of you soon 🙂

Mike Waller


Mike Waller is a writer of Science Fiction and Space Opera genres. His stories focus less on the science and more on the action and adventure in the distant future. Mike is a great believer that one day humanity will outgrow it’s childhood and reach for the stars, and loves to explore the possibilities of where that journey will take us. His current books, the ‘Echo’s Way’ series, tell the story of a young heroine who finds herself thrown into conflicts beyond her control, in a galaxy wracked by war and uncertainty, having to rely on her own innate abilities to find her way through to the future that remains always just beyond her reach.

Patrick Witz


“Through Button Eyes” is a multi-genre compilation of fifteen previously unpublished short stories that will most assuredly take readers on a thrilling emotional roller-coaster ride of excitement, fear, laughter and tears. The stories range from tender coming of age to sci-fi adventure; romantic moments to brutal murder; magical fantasy to family tragedy… and one humorous zombie. This exciting anthology embraces a spectrum of genres where the seven authors skillfully integrated one seemingly innocuous plot point into every story, a button! (Genre Blends: Science-Fiction, Thriller, Dystopia, Fantasy, Horror-Comedy, Speculative-Fiction, Swashbuckler, Action/Adventure, Tragedy, Literary Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Memoir, Coming of Age, LGBT). “Through Button Eyes” was selected from thousands of national and international entries as one of the five medal finalists in the Anthology Division of the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (NGIBA). Authors: Patrick Witz, Annemarie Olsen, David Loofbourrow, Davin L. Kent, Jane Haworth, Evelina Dunn, Kathleen Coleman

Patrick Witz has from his youth always been fascinated with science, strange discoveries, technology, earth and other worldly places presented in National Geographic and Popular Mechanics. He is a steadfast believer that knowledge and imagination are a powerful combination and readily admits he will forever be a student of the arts, be it creative writing, photograph, or any other artistic interest or endeavor. In his writing, Patrick likes to blend genres and his eclectic nature leads him into a labyrinth of fictional paths. Patrick’s writing goal is to bring his written words to life in reader’s minds… therein to strum emotional cords; sculpt intriguing characters; create captivating dialogue; and paint intricate colorful settings. One can say Patrick’s diversity is the spice of his writing – sometimes sweet, every now and again bitter, often mixed with a sprinkle of humor, a pinch of peculiar flavor, and finished off with an unsuspecting or emotional twist.



K I Zachopoulos participated in Popgun (Volume 3 & 4), the Eisner award winning, comics anthology published by Image Comics. He is the script writer of Mister Universe (Image Comics). He worked as a script writer for the series of the “Misery City” comic books by Markosia Enterprises (English Edition) and Jemma Press (Greek Edition). After the end of Misery City, he created and scripted ‘The Fang’ (Markosia), which was also published in french by Wetta publishing. Together with Vincenzo Balzano created the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids’ Comics nominated fantasy graphic novel, ”The Cloud” (Archaia). His new graphic novel ”Run wild” (Archaia) will be released this July.

Latest graphic Novel: Run Wild (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36664365-run-wild) When all of civilization begins turning into animals, only two people remain–young siblings Ava and Flynn. On a desperate search for their mother and safety, they’ll traverse a wild and unruly landscape, make friends and foes of all species, and discover what really makes them human.