Mehreen Ahmed


Critically acclaimed novelist, Mehreen Ahmed has been publishing since 1987.

Mehreen comes from a family of writers. Many of her relatives were published writers of fiction and nonfiction including her father Manzoor Alam. Her grandfather Jan-e- Alam Chowdhury was a novelist. Currently, she lives in Brisbane Australia.

David Ainsworth


In a world where everyone can sense and use the Power, a young tavern entertainer inherits the memories of a dying man. She finds that she is a pawn in an ancient battle between two immortal mages.


Stuart Aken


Stuart is published in fantasy, scifi (his most recent book, War Over Dust, is due out 2nd September), romantic thriller, medical memoir and horror, as well as a few anthologies.  He lives in the UK and also donates a portion of his profits to charity.

Pamela Allegretto


Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

In Nazi-occupied Rome, the lives of two women collide in an arena of deception, greed, and sacrifice.
While political cartoonist Angelina Rosini zigzags through a labyrinth of compassionate allies and cunning spies, Lidia Corsini quenches her greed by turning in Jews to the Nazis. Lidia’s spiral into immorality accelerates as swiftly as the Jewish population dwindles; and soon not even her husband, her son, nor Angelina is immune to her madness.
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams is a story of betrayal, dignity, and purpose that highlights the brutality toward Italian citizens, under both Mussolini’s Fascist regime and the Nazi occupation, and illustrates the tenacity of the human spirit.

Pamela Allegretto divides her time between writing and painting. Her published work includes dual-language poetry books, articles in Italian and American literary and art journals, book and CD covers, illustrations, and cartoons. Her original art is collected worldwide. Read more at: http://www.pamelaallegretto.com

Muhammad Usman Aman


I am the author of novel The Pageant Trap and would love to be part of shrimping here :).

Belle Ami


My latest published romance/suspense novels are: One More Time is Not Enough (The Only One #3) and Escape (Tip of the Spear #1).


Jeanette Andersen


I ran into your web page in a Goodreads group Good Reviewed. I have a YA book, easy read. I’d love to have reviewed and will return the favor.

Alex Anderson


Hello, my name is Alex Anderson.

I am the author of the upcoming book, Tales from Sluce. It is an anthology in a science-fiction/fantasy universe I am building. It hasn’t been published yet but I’m looking to get it out before the year is out. I am a college student/pizza delivery driver who decided recently that I’m tired of waiting for the right time to write and to just go for it. Being an author has been my dream since I read my first book as a kid. I have several rough drafts up on my WordPress for my beta readers mainly. Nothing is quite to the final publication stage, but I am very close to having the first story of mine finished, edited, and even recorded for an audiobook version.

Alex Avrio


A swashbuckling, saber-wielding, fantasy adventure.
Five years ago she would have run him though with her saber. Now she must trust Kapitan Maximillian Jaeger with her life. The two mercenaries’ are thrown together on a simple job, but to retrieve the mysterious Alchemist’s Box from the Duchy of Pella they must learn to trust each other with their lives.
Now the curse of a thousand years has resurfaced, and now the dangers of the icy passes and arid deserts are nothing to battling the creatures of the Queen of the Night. Can they overcome their hatred and work together to save everyone in the city? Is the secret of the Alchemist’s Box worth killing, or dying, for?