Sky Fighters Part I


One evening, a boy and his Mom leave a busy supermarket, armed with bags of groceries. Their eagerness to get home is cut off by a low humming sound unlike any aircraft from Earth. Looking to the sky, they freeze as a massive submarine-shaped ship emerges from an overhead cloud bank. The craft pulsates with light and suddenly bombards the supermarket and surrounding parking lot with neon red laser blasts. Frightened shoppers run, scream, drop groceries, and duck for cover. The assault continues amidst the shattering storefront glass, crumbling concrete walls, and shopping carts charred and flipped through the air like toys.

As the boy and his Mom cling together in terror, his mind reels with one question: Will he survive? Through a miraculous chain of events, however, they did survive. The attack on the shopping center by these hostile extraterrestrials left him wondering for several years: Who or what are these beings? And what do they have against us? One day, a few years later the boy was contacted by a mysterious man from another planet who went by the name of Master Mantecado. From this point forward, the boy’s life changes dramatically as he is recruited into an elite and powerful organization known as the Sky Fighters. Their mission? To take down the vicious Python Demons responsible for the attack on the innocent humans of Earth. The road to victory will be long and challenging, but one thing is certain: The Sky Fighters are determined to wipe out the Python Demons before they cause any more destruction.

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  1. Hello, fellow friends and fans.Due to others’ lack of interest and me feeling trapped in more than one awful situation, Sky Fighters and Houndy Crunchers has been suspended…Possibly indefinitely.

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