Tony Leslie Duxbury

At the moment my wife and I are in the process of re-establishing ourselves here in Guatemala, Central America after a five year absence. The last five years have been spent in England. Previously, I lived for fifteen years in Guatemala with my wife, Eleonora, who is Guatemalan.

I was born to a working-class family in the North-West suburbs of London. I left school at sixteen without qualifications and pretty clueless all round. My only interest in school was art and fortunately I got a job as a trainee in a commercial art studio in London. I worked there for two wonderful years, then my second interest took hold. I had the urge to travel. After traveling through France, into Spain and a year in Germany, I returned to England. Unfortunately, I was never able to break back into commercial art again. I took whatever work I could get to get together enough money to travel again. That set the pattern of my life for many years. When I was in my early thirties I entered higher education and emerged four years later with a B.A. in Social Science. I spent my gap year in Guatemala, where I’d visited before and there I met my wife. After graduation I returned to Guatemala and became an English Teacher. The next fifteen years was spent that way.

My first urge to write was after I attended an optional course in college for mature students like myself who weren’t academically minded, being out of education for so long. My tutor encouraged me to write. After graduation I sat down and wrote six pages of my first novel. Unfortunately, that was as far as I got until three years later, when I was able to sit down and write until it was finished. Four more novels followed. I tried the traditional publishing route, which didn’t work out and now I’m offering my work on Kindle.



The Adventures of Jojo Smith


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